Who the is the Admin?


Does anybody knows something about the admin here?


What you need? A mod? @jFar920 @derek


No! The Admin moved stuff into uncatorized even if it is not! That is not funny!


That’s not how it works. Things are put into #uncategorized when someone forgets to set a category themselves


You’re making a big deal out of nothing. I’m pretty sure you can always go back and change the category. But as @jFar920 said, it’s likely that you left it uncategorised. Mods don’t go around uncategorising threads.


Nice avatar @the_termin8r :+1:t2:


Do you need us to change the category or what seems to be the issue?


Hey Rossi, big hugs and nice that you pop up - how are you dealing with the desaster? Are you ok?


Hey! I am hurting like most of the fans. Decided to pop up and check on my friends. How are you?


Deepest sad- :sob:but the solidarity and warmth inhere and between all soldiers makes me feel so much better, that is very curing… :hugs:


I had posted a topic in a category and ten minutes later I found it in the category uncatigorized!

I think the admin has moved it there!


Which topic are you referring to?


Right now it got put into We LoVe you Chester

Are you kidding me here? Who is doing that?


If you mean your entire topic has been move into someone else’s, some topics are being merged if they are similar to another. I know everything is a bit hectic around here at the moment, but there are no bad intentions by doing this, it’s to keep things organized

Edit: I see what you mean now, and it’s even less argument worthy than you are making it. Tributes and memorials to Chester are just being placed in one general location, they aren’t being hidden or made to seem less important than another


As was said, things are only ever moved if there’s topics with the same theme, everyone is creating messages for Chester and it makes more sense to have them under one topic relating to his passing away and the tributes people are offering
It truly is easier for everyone, i myself thought it was inconsequential at first but soon saw the benefit of this
Trust that nobody here feels it doesn’t deserve category of its own or anything like that and your input is read by many of us regardless of thread
Reading everyone’s experiences has been important


At least I would be just happy about the fact… if I and I means ME put a theme into Linkin Park it should stay in Linkin Park and should not get moved like this:

Linkin Park
Linkin Park
We Love Chester

What a fuck is that?

It is like someone is kidding me badly!


If it’s about remembering Chester, there really shouldn’t be any reason to be upset about it being moved around. I’m sorry it was moved around so much, but the #we-love-you-chester category wasn’t a thing before, so something probably didn’t go right when trying to move it originally.

Also, I’m not 100% sure, but it seems you created a new account. Was there a reason for that? In addition, please watch your language, this forum is for people of all ages


Are you serious now!

Do you really want to tell me, that I am not allowed to write fk into my post, if I am fked up with the way my postings get handled here?

And why is this forum so mean and sets only 15 post per day?

How should that work if I want to discuss something really important out?

I feel really mad and angry right now!


I understand that you would be angry that your account is limited to posting only 15 times, I did not know that was something that could happen, but I’m just trying to help you and explain the situation to you. If you are willing to cooperate and calm down, I can probably fix your original account so it isn’t like that


Yo, people are trying to help. There’s hundreds of people here yet you’re the only problem. Grow up or piss off. Don’t insult him or anyone else here. That’s the way things are set up and everyone is dealing perfectly.