Who's a Gamer, and What is your Fav LP song to rock out to while playing?


My fav LP song to rock out to while playing I would have to say is The Catalyst. =)


Looks like no one =( [sad]


Killing zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 while listening to Lying From You or Lost In The Echo is always awesome :smiley:


havent been a gamer for a while… since my psp has be broken for almost a year now D;<
and listen to anything


Fallout 3 with the entire ATS album !!!


I love the Fallout & Elder Scrolls games. Never listened to LP while playing, but now I want to…lol


i like playing metal gear solid fallout elderscrolls C&C to name some and like to chill to LP all depends on my mood


I don’t usually listen to songs while playing but I play League of Legends