Who's going to Rock in Rio!


I’m excited for my first Rock in rio. Especially because lp will perform there. Wil there be meet and greet opps? And are u traveling from afar just like me to Rock in rio. Hope to meet other lpu members


Oh, it seems you’ve haven’t heard the news…LP won’t be performing. Sorry.



Actually LP will be performing because all the dates through February 27 are canceled but rock in Rio Date is in May so currently that date is still scheduled to go on


Actually it’s through February 14


I am going to be there. First time @ Rock in Rio but 3rd LP concert. I am travelling from Western Canada. Meet and Greet is only open another day, did you enter??


Absolutely going!

Saw LP 3 times last year…having withdrawls


Mega did you enter the meet and greet? Last time I checked it last night there were only 3 entries. Steffani and I entered do that’s 2 accounted for.


Yup I did. Found the low number kinda weird. I thought it said 1 when I did mine.


I was thinking the same thing but the other festival ones are not much better. I don’t recall seeing an email that there was a meet and greet for the festivals. There was no one when I entered and that was Saturday.


Yeah it is gonna be so much fun!!! I am celebrating my 20th birthday over there at Rock in rio !! Hope to see some of you guys there :smiley:


and yeah of course I entered the meet and greet ! I was looking all over LPU for it lol


Yeah I attend many last year as well it was so much fun although I wish I would’ve gone to warped tour! I didn’t know they were gonna be there it was totally random i would’ve egone if I knew they were gonna play !


Yes I did :smiley:


Hmm I wonder when we find out. It has a sense of being too good to be true if there was just 3 of us who entered. It’s not the typical hundred or so, even for a Vegas show…


Last Sept I was picked during the Carnivour Tour and got the email 3 or 4 days before The concert so we shoukdnt here till May. It’s only the 3 of us so we should all be there!


Did u receive a meet and greet


Nope nothing so far. I fly out tomorrow at 6am and would love to know!! Did you???


Nothing here either.