Who's got a Linkin Park tattoo?


I’ve got the Hybrid theory Winged Soldier on my right calf :slight_smile: What about you guys? :slight_smile:

Best place for LP tattoo?

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I didn’t know and I’m sorry. It’s just that i don’t have access to that topic and idk why


i want one on my calf!


My left scapula:


My left upper arm:



There are will be added springs which the phoenix is losing. Some of them will come around my scapula tattoo for a common image.


Ive got the soldier on my left upper arm but im not really satisfied with it would really like to get a new lp Tattoo but something different!


I have a sign LP above his right ankle


I have a winged LP logo on just under my neck, on the back


I’ve got too :smile: on my forearm


Welcome to my New tattoo! :blush: