Who's on New Myspace?


I wonder, if there a more LPU members registered on New MySpace. That website replaces the older Myspace site and is still rising. It’s fun, because you can see to which songs and artists your friends and other people are connected with.

So, if anybody want to “say hello” on MySpace, just go to the link below or type my name shoegaze4u into the search box on the Myspace website. Hope to meet you :slight_smile:



I am: new.myspace.com/anvanoppens1
(I really love it so far! Hopefully a lot more people will join soon)


What is it about?
Some kind of facebook? Even didn’t use the old one…


[quote=wiiesel]What is it about?
Some kind of facebook? Even didn’t use the old one…[/quote]

Nah, it’s not like facebook. I don’t like facebook and don’t have an account. Myspace is about music. That is the basis. You can also socialize with other people, but the music has the priority. For me, the sweet feature that Myspace offers, is to find new musicians and listen to their music. You can’t buy music their. I use it to discover music. For example I could visit An Von Oppens profile and see what bans or what songs she is connected with. And if I think, they could be interesting, I go and check them out. You can also create a music mix of songs you like. Other people can listen to it. So, if you are not fixed on a small range of artist and if you are open for new, regardless if they are popular or unknown bands, you might like Myspace.


So it’s like Last.fm but also with non-professionel music/musicians !?


I can’t tell, because I don’t know last FM very well. Why don’t you just give it a try? It’s free. But it’s still in beta version. I guess, when that website is in progress 100% and more and more artist put material on there, it will be very popular.


I’m interested in this but no matter what I do all links do nothing and going to any URL with the “new.” beginning redirects me to https://new.myspace.com/ again

EDIT: I got to a sign up page finally, but it won’t let me hit the sign up button

EDIT 2: Finally works, pretty awesome compared to the outdated and slow old MySpace. Messing around on Linkin Park’s page, there’s almost every release but Hybrid Theory oddly, even some doubles