Who's still struggling with Chester's Death? Have you had suicidal thoughts?


Hey, I’ve given it lots of thought to what you and everyone else here have shared. So I will instead give life another chance, recently I got in the middle of a good friend of mines family situation, where they have a hard time opening up their own darkness/demons, and after doing my best to help them , all I could think of is " if I were to die, to take my own life, what example would I leave for them, as hard as I have it, how easy it would be to just go, how selfish have I become , but then the cycle repeats. The anger, isolation, etc…now I’m trapped between half alive and half dead, there are things I want to open up about, but I’m not ready to, maybe one at a time, or more. It’s just…hard.


This :hugs:

You’re smart enough to think yourself about the consequences…

Well, I’m busy these days… but talk to you soon! :hugs: :hugs:


Hellooo!! :hugs:

Well, I know talking here is not the same than in person, but still as I said before, remember you’re not alone!! Maybe I’m repetitive,but it’s the truth! :hugs::hugs:


Hello! :blush:
I just thought I’d stop and add my two cents to this by being yet another person who cares about what you do, another person who wishes for your well being, and another pair or hands to support you if need be! :hugs:
I was happy to see that your last post was much more empowering for yourself and that you’re seeing the value you have in others’ lives! Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate it but those moments when you do see that you have an impact on somebody can make a world of difference! I’ve found that a lot of times, reaching out to others kind of let’s you let go of lots of your own issues…like it puts your stuff in perspective and shows you either…hey I’ve been through worse and pulled through, I can help them pull through! Or man…they’re having an even harder time…I have to appreciate my own position… or stuff like that… just the act of opening up and gaining perspective can really give you something to grasp in life…
I hope you can follow ricks advice especially! About setting small goals for yourself! Little by little you will gain positivity in your life :slightly_smiling_face:
Think that there’s balance in life :slightly_smiling_face: meaning, however hard your life has been to this point, there’s always balance in the grand scheme of things-better times are yet to come that will tip the scales back to a more satisfying life :slightly_smiling_face: give yourself the chance to experience the good that there can be okay!


Helloooo @silvallor1825 ! Just writing here to hear about you and sending you hugs! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :muscle: