Why are all the catagories locked?



They were always “locked”. Only LPU members have access to the locked ones, normal members can’t see them


You can recognize the LPU categories by its blue color.


We recently changed the symbol from group (3 people together) to a lock to better signify “restricted”.

They mean the same thing, access restricted categories.

Apologies for any confusion!


hey…I have earned member but can’t see those options,the LPU categories.


The badges you earn on this forum have nothing to do with which categories you can view.
To view the LPU categories, you need to purchase an LPU membership.


ohh my!! i meant i’ve been here long enough as an LPU member. I have posted topics regarding my problems and you told me to contact ground ctrl. so,i did. they solved everything except i cannot view LPU categories. I have logged in to the forum too. Thankyou.