Why can't I find any records of my purchase of LPU?


Today I just bought a LPU digital membership via Paypal and I DID pay for it successfully.But I cannot find any information about the purchase in my account dashboard.And I have no idea whether I have become a member of LPU right now.

So,when can I find all the information about my purchase and my LPU membership?



Does the order appear on the Orders page?
It happens more that members see some errors in the Subscriptions section of their main dashboard, for as far as I know (But that has no effect on your membership).

If you didn’t get an e-mail of your order and you can’t login on the LPU part of the site, e-mail Wonderful Union (previously known as Ground Ctrl) at help@wonderfulunion.com.


Now I got the order email and completed the purchase.I think it just took the system some time to cope with my order.

Thank you anyway.


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Wonderful Union (previously known as Ground Ctrl)
[/quote]Thanks for this info too. It’s nice to know such information too :blush: