Why did I have to pay for my LPU Summit ticket? (Full LPU Member)


Good Morning guys

I hope you are well. I refer you to the below purchase of the LPU Summit ticket. IT indicated that I (as a full member) would not have to pay another $50. However, upon checkout it took $50 off my account.

As mentioned I am a full member of the LPU and I had to pay $50.

How do we go about managing this?

Kind regards



What kind of member ship to you have? The LPU11 Pass (25 ) oder the LPU11 Plus Pass (60)?


You must be a plus member (aka have the $60 tier membership) to get a summit pass for free. If you got the $25 one, you gotta pay $50 more.


I have the full membership. I got my Tshirt package and everything in the post. Paid $60.

The discount want applied to my account :frowning:

GC0901-072312-YH9IFA8 07/23/12 FULFILLED $60.30


interesting o.0 maybe you should contact the support! seems like a mistake


I emaild the LPU and submitted a ticket on ground(ctr).

so lets wait :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully they dont delete my pass :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems that my pass is not valid eventhough I paid because I cant even log in to buy a summit T-shirt :frowning:

No one is answering tickets nor calls nor emails


it tends to take sometimes remember this back from when i had issues with it


My issue has been sorted : )