Why i can't buy membership?


I wrote all information about me in sign form, but after that the button “continue” didn’t highlight, and i can’t click it :frowning:. Can anybody help me?


Can you make a screenshot?
Did you check to make sure your billing info and email and the passwrds you entered are all correct?




Hmmm… Maybe the specific package is out of stock? Have you tried adding a different address? Also, since I can’t tell if the screenshot is from a pc or not, if it’s not, trying doing so from a pc.


Hey! Did you managed to buy your membership at the end? Or it is still unavailable?


It is still unavailable:(


http://clip2net.com/s/3hraAY4 this is screenshot from PC


please help me anybody ) i really want to buy membership.


I don’t know why it doesn’t let you buy it. Contact support or email HQ.


Just tried to buy your membership.) It seem like it doesn’t like your phone number - try to put in the phone line 00375296164828 instead of your current one.)


I have the same problem, any solution?