Why is everything so heavy?


I’ve been listening to LP and reading about Chester and all I do is cry . I don’t want to believe he’s gone . It hurts too much.


Keep playing the music. The band has a while sends messages of strength. Remember: you’re not alone in feeling this way. Were here for you❤


Make sure Mike doesn’t follow suit. (Sorry, I’ve been reading too much :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:)


I hear ya I’ve been reading too much to. But a big part of me doesn’t believe that will happen. Everyone is still accepting the news. LPU is family, don’t ever forget that❤


All I do is cry my depression has set in even more now more than ever I had to go see my dr about anti depressants. :sob: I’m taking this so hard !!!


There’s no such thing as taking it too hard. And seeing you Dr is a HUGE step forward. And a blessing. It’ll take a while for the shock and heartache and sadness to fade. But he Wil live on here. And in the music.


Fully agreed!! Your wellbeing is the most important thing in the immediate aftermath of life changing news. Be strong for his kids and for the band!!


Thank you.


You’re welcome. If you ever need to talk or vent or cry, I’m here❤


That’s all I’ve been doing is crying . Tmz just made it absolutely worse. They have no respect at all I can’t believe them. All they want to do is make they’re money and that’s it they don’t care .:sob:


I haven’t seen it yet? Was it really that bad?


It’s the 911 call . :sob:


Damn TMZ, and damn Russian adware.


its Feel all just so empty…:disappointed:


They upload the convo with 911??!! thats f**g sick.


My heart just keeps breaking over and over again :broken_heart:


My heart is absolutely broken and this is going to take forever to heal . When I start thinking okay your doing better the wound just opens right back up again. I just want I to be a dream a very bad dream.


I keep praying for the same thing.


I want to think that he’s still alive and well breathing and eating and spending time with his family and friends just like us I wish so badly I had a time machine or something. So I could fix this my heart is hurting and I can’t stop what has already been done . :sob:


I can’t stop thinkig about what he would think if he could see all this. Would it be enough to prevent it?