Why is LP uploading so many videos?


They’re uploading all there songs on there YT channel.


I wanna know why there are suddenly many songs uploaded in Linkin Park Youtube Channel


Cuz LP is (still) unhappy with Warner Bros. WB upload their music videos to YT in 2007 b4 LP upload to LPTV in 2009, thus their viewcount & revenue from YT is split with WB! In 2005 LP wanna get away from WB, but till today they are still stuck releasing their records under the WB records.

LP signed a contract with WB to release 6 albums thru WB. THP was their 6th album released via WB. So LP is now saying good riddance to WB as the terms of the contract are over.



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@Ryan_Grey WTF I meant LP is still gonna release albums, but not under the monopolistic record label which is WB.
(That’s if WB would allow them to have their way)


You have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. LP’s relationship with WB has been great since they re-negotiated their contract prior to Minutes to Midnight, and things improved even more when Rob Cavallo replaced Tom Whalley as president of WBR a few years back. LP is still with Warner, when their contract was re-structured at the end of 2006 there were additional releases added on to their original contract duration, and they may have extended it in the years since for all we know, the only reason that info was ever made public in the first place was because of the dispute that was going on at the time.

LP has a GREAT relationship with their record label at this point. They wouldn’t have voluntarily brought in the president of the company to produce a song on their most recent album (Rob Cavallo produced Wastelands) if they didn’t.

And furthermore, as I stated here, the reason LP recently uploaded a bunch of their studio songs to Youtube was in preparation for the launch of MusicKey: Linkin Park's Youtube Channel?


Yes I know I just wanna hear another side of the story. If Zoe Keating didn’t make a fuss about having to upload her entire discography under youtube music key without bandcamp exclusives, u won’t know about it neither.