Why is there no chat room


Hi, just came back to LPU, and I notice no chat room. What gives?


The chat was removed with LPU16, but I believe it is coming back eventually with the Linkin Park mobile app


There’s always Plug.Dj :slight_smile:


Yup, there’s no chat room, but you can also use the bot with a command (@discobot ot start new user). Then it’ll PM you and you’ll be able to invite people in your chat(may not work properly)

UPD: sorry for calling the bot in)


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Who the hell are you D:<


No!!! Screw that!!!

There is a app called LINE get it @.@ now


he’s spooky


hmmmm. cool. and a pity.

I have been away far too long.


What do you have against plug.dj?


It’s poopie

And also I can’t get on


hmmmm all of this i need to try.


I’ve tried Line once. It messed up my phone really bad and never used it since :see_no_evil:

Plug.DJ is pretty neat. I hardly have time to log on but it’s much more fun than a random chatroom.


Cooolz. I prefer to just jump in and out .


Yeah I was wondering about that myself. I used to love that chatroom, and I made so many friends there. I also learned so much about LPU and everything about the fan club as well.


We now use Plug.DJ and Discord as unofficial chatrooms.

For Plug.DJ see here:

For Discord go here: