Why is this now closed for me there is no one giving us any reason why this was taken down by Warner Bros but still on in the USA


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why has this topic been closed because we are not getting any replies to our question as to why this was removed by Warner Bros in many countries when it was there official upload but no one will tell us why but still can be viewed in the USA


Different laws. E.G. in Germany a lot of music videos are blocked because of GEMA, i.e. because youtube could not agree with GEMA how much money GEMA gets for each click. They want more than youtube is willing to give so youtube blocked the videos. That will be different for every country, so different videos will be blocked. I’m not happy about that either! But no need to over react… youtube and the companies have to come to an agreement.


nobody from warner is monitoring this board, so i’m afraid there isn’t anyone here that can get you the answer you are looking for.



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