Will Linkin Park hold Meet & Greet in China Tour?


I want to to know if Linkin Park will hold Meet & Greet in China Tour


They do a m&g at every show so yeah. (Unless there’s a summit that day)


Will every LPU member have an access to m&g?


Every LPU member is elegible for one but it is not guaranteed that you will get in. You gotta RSVP for one and see if you’ll get chosen to attend.


You can apply for a Meet & Greet on the Contests page.

The M&Gs for China aren’t listed yet. It always takes a while after the tour date announcements for the M&G entries to appear on the page.
M&Gs for a certain tour will always be announced on this site, social media and e-mail, and you’ll have time until about a week before your date to apply, so no worries. : )

Your chances of being selected for a M&G varies with each show…
More details about how M&Gs work here.

Look out for an announcement about China M&Gs soon.


I got it.Thank you


Thank you for your help!


There still aren’t M&Gs posted for China yet, but hopefully the LPU will update about that soon! :smile:


Thx! I will focus on it recently


They will come to Nanjing tomorrow,still no items in contests :sob::sob:


I honestly don’t know why there is no m&g. Maybe the Chinese government won’t let them do them? Who knows!