Will LP do a remix album for The Hunting Party?


It’s comparable (THP) to their early albums in a sense that there is much rock and guitar and less electronic sound, which gives room to a nice, more rap-heavy, riskier album with electronic effects. But not to go the route of Living Things or its ridiculously uncalled for counterpart, Recharged. (I still can’t believe that crap was created.) I’m thinking more along the lines of what Reanimation was.

Reanimation put some interesting twists on songs like One Step Closer, With You, Pushing Me Away, Cure for the Itch and A Place for my Head. I’d just love to see what they could do if they made, say a “Revengeance” album. I pick that name because it goes along nicely with the hard hitting aggressive (and violent) nature of THP. Regardless of what the album would be called, I’m sure we’d all love something like it.

P.S.: A Line in the Sand + remix a la Reanimation style… I would so love to hear that.


I’d love it if they did, I really didn’t like Recharged that much, but I don’t think they will

It’d be nice if we got 1 or 2 official remixes though, seems like every album has gotten that at least (Reanimation for Hybrid Theory, some of Collision Course for Meteora, What I’ve Done and Leave Out All the Rest remixes for Minutes to Midnight, Wretches and Kings remix for A Thousand Suns, and then Recharged for Living Things)


There’s an official Wretches and Kings remix? Huh… Nice, I gotta look into that.

Yeah man, at first I didn’t like War and Mark the Graves, but War’s utter raw savageness grew on me and I love it now, and after I was forced to listen to Mark the Graves in the shower a few times, it’s grown on me as well. But really, if anything, remix Guilty All The Same (Mike rapping instead of Rakim, different rap though, more old school electronic effects, angrier Chester).

Until It’s Gone deserves another take on it, maybe give Mike a rap verse, reduce Chester’s cliche belted-out lyrics for the middle schoolers in the cheap seats who don’t know any better, get rid of the song’s signature “dinging” and get a little more old school with the effects (personally the glitchy “super-clean-countertop” from With You would go well) and Chester can actually scream “Until it’s… GOOOOOONNNEEEE” instead of his loud singing voice.

I think Rebellion could be looked at differently, there’s potential. Drawbar extended into something more vibrant perhaps, maybe guitar and bass join in on the fray before the instrumental declines for a nice new instrumental. A Line in the Sand if nothing else. That song is seriously a soul-mover.


Recharged isn’t that bad… Some remixes are really good.

I would love to hear THP remixes in ATS style. For me THP is a bit like heavy version of ATS (but still so far away behind ATS). These songs could sounds cool in that style. War as something like Blackout etc… I would kill for ATS-version of ALITS and MTG.


I’d love it if they did, as long as they stay away from the crap they did with Recharged. It was so bad! Also, it’d be nice to see more artists involved and yes, I need Mike’s rapping on GATS as well!


There were a few songs I did like on it, but the ones I didn’t were pretty bad. I keep my CDs super organized on my iTunes and the Rick Rubin “Reboot” (why couldn’t it just be a remix?) is the only song in my whole library of music with 1 star


Rick Rubin… The guy was sending the band’s career to its grave… “Mike, Brad, I’m tellin you guys, people WANT to hear this crap! :D” So glad they ditched his ass after Living Things and that Recharged joke.


For real? Rick’s a legend! He is an amazing producer! I’m so glad they worked with him, he gave them so many fresh ideas to work with (Plus, wasn’t Mike the main producer for Recharged?)


Without Rick MTM and ATS probably wouldn’t exist. So shut the fuck up.
+LT isn’t THAT bad - yeah, it’s their worst album (alongside with Meteora), but it contains AMAZING songs like LITE, IMR, RU or Powerless. Tinfoil/Powerless is one of the best things made by LP.


I don’t hate Rick in general, but his mix of ALTNC, I hate that. And Living Things is better than A Thousand Suns in my opinion


Let’s not all start talking about Rick Rubin now. I swear, the attention span on this forum is in the single digits if it were measured in such a way.

THP is great. A remix album could really do wonders for that album. I can’t wait for Underground XV either, hopefully a demo from THP.


Well, I like THP lot so I’m a bit concerned about the way they would remix it. As for LPU XV, we’ll talk about that when the time is right. (There will be a thread about it in the coming months, I’m sure).


I don’t care what they put on it as long as it isn’t complete BULL**** like Underground 8 I believe it was. Bubbles and that crap. I remember being in high school and my buddy bought that one for us to get the songs off of, he was pissed.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see what tracks they decide to remix. Please remix SOMETHING!


I liked LPU8. I might be biased because I joined that year, though. I think LPU7 is the worst, just random live songs with no significance or uniqueness to them

If LPU15 was remixes that’d be awesome. Doesn’t even have to be only THP


Demos, remixes, less of the live stuff is more preferable. There’s a plethora of that available. Give me the stuff you DON’T ever play live.


I thought LPU8 was pretty funny, though I do prefer demos and stuff. I’d love an acoustic ep as well but I’ll be satisfied with remixes as well if they’re decent enough.


LPU7 isn’t that bad, since there’s In The End with PMA guitar xD


I hope and believe :pray:
I like LP remixes.


A line in the sand remix would be rather wicked, however would they stick with something like reanimation as the album name as example : re-creation xero?


Official Xero remasters or remixes would be awesome