Will LP feature on Transformers 5: The Last Knight


Didn’t know where to put this

But anyway

Does anyone think Linkin Park will have any involvement in the next Transformers film?

There were absent from Transformers: Age of Extiction but featured on a Transformers game released around the same time

What you think?

How about LP and The Weeknd Collaboration for Transformers The Last Knight

maybe its a possibility I didn’t even know theres a new transformers movie out.


I’m pretty sure they won’t. They weren’t in the last one, ID (not 1D) was and they did pretty good.


yeah your right maybe


I think Imagine Dragons are doing this trilogy.


I think they’re not into that anymore. Thinking back now, it could be Mike’s thing to see if he could do fun stuff for a movie (ND was the only original song anyways). Now he’s scored films all on his own, no need for the band to write new stuff. Plus they’re working on the album so they’d rather focus on that that try and squeeze in another deadline for a song of a movie.


New Transformers isn’t out until next year…i still think it could happen


optimus was my hero, and still is, bumblebee we adore (daughter an me, these blue eyes, lol… ) but
#no they won t


The best is starscream


I think they should totally do the next transformes film they go hand in hand
:kiss: love you guys .


I guess nothing is impossible…eventhought they’re still on process making new album…cuz some original soundtrack b4 from their album too…so for Transformers 5 who knows? Let see :wink::wink:


Actually Untill it’s Gone was featured in one of the trailers for age of extinction as for number 5 I do not know but it seems like LINKIN PARK is Transformers tradition I never would have heard of LP if not for those movies.


How about Linkin Park and The Weeknd produced by Rick Ruben? It would be a great collaboration on Transformers 5. I want this song to be a Dark R&B-Metal Rock song. It would be like The Hills, Wicked Games or You Belong to the World song. I thought it would be a good collab. The Weeknd worked with Ruben on Devil May Cry from The Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack.