Winners of Feb 27 M&G


Hey everybody, I just received my confirmation email for this Wednesday’s Meet and Greet after many months of anticipation, I can’t thank Linkin Park and the LPU enough for this amazing opportunity! I’m wondering which of you I’ll have the pleasure of attending this life changing event with? :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ll be attending! So flipping excited! I’m really panicked at the moment however, because I have uni until 4:30 and I leave the house at 7 so I won’t see the email until around 5:15. What time will I need to be there? I know it will tell us on the day of the event but I’m really worried now.


Damn, I wish I knew so I could help you out, but unfortunately I don’t.
I imagine the Meet and Greet happens somewhere during 6-7pm. But I have no idea how long they last.
I’m sure it wouldn’t be super earlier than their performance. Good luck with timing :slight_smile:


This might sound stupid and I know i dont know any of you LPU fans that are going to the meet and greet. But by any chance could someone tell the LPU staff that a girl by the name of Sophie is going to be late by maybe about 20minutes. I know it says to be on time and that they most likly still wont let me into the meet and greet but its worth a try. I’ve been so excited about this since i found out and now because my friend cant leave till 5.30 ( im an hour away and traffic will be shit ) i wont be on time. I’ve already replied back to the email they sent but havent got a reply and im running out of options.


Email for Brisbane M&G had us there at 1630, concert started at 1900. Prob didn’t enter the M&G room till 1700 though.

Not saying that this will be the case in Adelaide, but it may be helpful?

My first M&G so not sure if this is the norm or if all are different.