Woodlands, TX LPU Summit


This is my first time attending a LPU Summit. What time does it start on the 5th? I haven’t received any information about it unless I am looking in the wrong place.



We will get emailed details about 2-3 days before with the schedule of events.
I will be there too!


Thank you for clearing this up for me. See you there!


No problem! Im so excited! It’s my first summit as well.


Me too I hope I won’t be too shy to say hi to you all


I’ll be there too! I can’t wait to meet everyone!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys I’ll be there too! =]


Seems like more people are posting on LPU regarding the summit! :smiley:

See y’all there! BTW if you’re on Twitter follow @LinkinParkTX :slight_smile:


I’ll be going to the concert as well as the Summit. I have lawn tickets tho. Anyone else joining me out there?!


Is anyone going go the meet up tomorrow? I RSVPed but never got a confirmation email…not sure if that means I’m unable to go? Either way, I’m wayyyyy too excited for Friday!!! :slight_smile:


See you guys Friday :slight_smile:


Nick, lawn tickets is all i got so we’ll be joining you…and i cant wait to meet everybody here in the next couple of days…just wondering when we get the info


And not sure if we will make to meet ups, depends on traffic…driving up from florida :slight_smile:


Yea my flight lands at 7 but I’ll try to make it to hard rock regardless if I’m late or not.


Just got the email! See you guys there! This is so awesome!