Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Hey guys,
As some of you may know already, I’ve been making music for a while now. I figured it’s about time to make my first EP, and I want to invite you on this journey as I will start sharing pieces of this project while I’m working on it. So think of this thread as my own blog or diary. It will take time to master the tracks, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun and creative ride.

I dedicate this project to one of my biggest influences and inspirations: Chester Bennington.


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August 17 2017: Lyriczz
I wrote these lyrics months ago, being partially inspired by The Unity Of Us - our in house lyric band (check it out in ‘‘The Barracks’’ category!). Yesterday I felt like rewriting them but I have not yet decided whether I will use them in a song or not. There may be some mistakes in there since my English is not perfect :sweat_smile: Let me know what you think of these.

‘‘Don’t Deny Yourself’’

You keep reliving past mistakes
Forgetting they can’t bother you no more
Cause you’re not tied to anything
Still you feel so insecure

And through your eyes everything is gray
I can tell by the look on your face
But you’ve got it in you, the will to change
It will lift you to another place

Your life, your path
Help is there, just ask
The fear, it won’t last
But don’t deny yourself
Don’t deny yourself


Soooo awesome!
Looking forward to the final work!


This flows so well in my head can’t wait to see the final product


Looks sooo nice… I checked the youtube link…
Looking forward for the whole song!


Finally you bring your music inhere @rickvanmeijel, I always liked your music - this how I found you on soundcloud… these lyrics are just so powerful Rick - bringing good energies… to me it sounds like a great rap btw. :grin:


Daamn… Looking forward for the final work too :clap: :+1:


This is so great! I cannot wait to see the end product! Really looking forward to it!


Thank you so much for your likes and kind words everyone! :blush:

@theearlywalker I’ve actually shared my music many times before, in here: Any music artists/ song writers?

I don’t wanna spam that thread so I made my own haha


Why not @rickvanmeijel and I did hahaha


Lool- music can never be spam- not inhere :v:


Keeping up with one personal thread seems more logical in this case. I want to keep my posts put together in here, like a blog


cool, checking out the first track right now. Sounds promising

Yeh the track has a lovely atmosphere and works as an instrumental, but if you get some good vocals it would maybe improve the track. Keep it up!


you mean ‘Sick’? That one won’t be part of this project. I’m starting fresh with new songs, I haven’t shared anything from this EP yet haha. Nonetheless, thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it!
Right now I’m actually thinking of teaming up with a vocalist to record those lyrics I posted 3 days ago


Ah, well Sick is a pretty cool track eitherway. Bringing in vocalists is a good idea!


have you worked with any vocalists before?


I have a friend that I did some covers with, but that’s it. He recorded them himself everytime so I’ve never been a part of recording vocals really.


Yeah me neither. I tried to record vocals myself for the Final Masquerade cover I did with Riffs at Random, but that didn’t work haha :sweat_smile:


August 25 2017: The demos

These are the working titles of the demos that I’ve been developing:

The Keys
Milky Way

Most tracks are coming along pretty nicely, Milky Way and Wood in particular. Milky Way sounds quite ambient and influenced by post-rock, while Wood is very experimental as of now: imagine tribal drums, cellos and crazy synths playing at the same time. So the styles of the demos do vary. Nonetheless I want to make sure that they borrow elements from each other and flow nicely after one another.

In the coming weeks I’ll share some sounds or clips with you guys. Thanks again for the support so far! I’m glad that you’re all interested in this project :grinning: