Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Its awesome @rickvanmeijel !! You are so great with keyboard! :heart_eyes::notes::notes: Loved the tune. Yep right! Its uplifting like Robot Boy :blush::blush:


Thank you! :smile:

Thanks! Sometimes I struggle a little to play on the right tempo, but I’m definitely improving :blush:


Yep you are! We’ve seen the progress and the pace is amazing :blush::+1::smiley:


awesome dude, should make a killer song!


Thank you! :grinning: I hope so as well haha


November 25 2017: Collabs
This update I’m excited to announce two collaborators who are helping me lift this EP to the next level:

Riffs At Random: we’ve been ‘jamming’ on a demo called Ascension. I laid down the structure, chords and synths while RAR recorded guitars, bass and added drums. Ascension is definitely the heaviest track, can’t wait for you to hear it! This is not the first time we’re collaborating: we covered Final Masquerade back in August. Check it out here:

Brandon Lenz: Brandon and I are working on Bananas. It’s going to be my first song to feature a singer! We got in touch through LPLive since I was impressed by his work that he posted there. Listen to his version of Linkin Park’s demo Can’t Hurt Me for example:

Lastly thank you guys for your continued interest and support! I really enjoy sharing the creative process and reading your replies :wink:


Amazing done I love it


Will listen on sc tonight


Thank you :slight_smile:


Its awesome! :smiley::heart:


Rick this is awesome! I love it! Great job! You are doing so well, loving these updates!


Great Job, Rick! Are these guitars and drums synth ?



I’m glad you liked it AJ :blush:

Thank you! Riffs At Random has recorded real electric guitars for this song. He’s an amazing guitar player. The drums are a virtual instrument though


This is pretty cool man. It’s “Unknown-33” from Soundcloud. I remember you liked my rapping. If you need any help with lyrics or maybe a voice, I’m down for it!


Hey, I remember you! :smile: I didn’t know you were also on the forums. Nice to see you here!

Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind.


Rejoined when LPU17 hit. I was just MIA from LPU and LP forums in general. You know, life and such lol. But yeah man keep me in mind. Thanks!


December 30 2017: Track-by-track update

Solid: The only demo that I dropped early on, because it didn’t have as much potential as the rest. Perhaps I’ll release it another time.

Bananas: Still in the early stages because I had to find the right singer (see previous update for more info). It’s coming along nicely though! I’ve almost completed the drums and the piano track. Right now I’m figuring out what other instruments fit.

The Keys: I have to re-record the piano since my current recording is a bit sloppy. Other than that, it’s done and ready for mixing. Also, I might have gone too far considering the amount of instruments. As you can see below, they don’t even fit on the screen together :smile:.


Anything: This has been the most challenging demo from the beginning. I have been trying to make it less repetitive and let it flow organically. I’m curious to see where it goes.

Milky Way: Like The Keys, I have almost completed recording it. A funny thing I did was using a plastic salt bottle as a shaker.

Ascension: This banger is done and ready for mixing. Shout out to Riffs At Random! (See previous update about our collab)

Wood: Nearly finished, except the tricky bridge part: I’m changing and adding stuff to see what works. It shouldn’t take too long to get it right.

This month has been so busy that I had to put the entire project on hold :weary:. I’m planning to continue mid-January. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Yay! Lots of new tracks! :smile: :sun_with_face:

Thank you so much!! :smile: happy new year to you as welll!! :hugs: :tada: :sparkler: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


Lol. How many layers?


Thank you!!

18 layers as you can barely see on the screenshot. That’s excluding all of the individual drum tracks (bass drum, snare, high-hats, etc). I always pack these up into 2 or 3 layers.