Work In Progress: Making my first EP


It was really awesome… i may have listened to it 7-10 times more…liked that one. When i first heard i felt like the prosperity… that same feeling of listening again :blush:


Wow, I’m glad you had that feeling. That’s a sign of good music (I hope).

You mean my track or the feeling of prosperity? :sweat_smile:


That track… yes! And the sick too!


Good to see you’re still working on this, excited for its release!


Nice to see you checking in again :grinning:

I’ll post a new video soon, as I’m returning to this project next week. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


January 21 2018: Vlog(ish)
Welcome back everybody! Feels good to continue the project. Since this is the first update of the year, I figured I’d do a different type of video:

(Just now seeing that my face is a bit out of focus :see_no_evil:)

Additionally, you can follow me on Instagram now as well (@the_termin8r sorry I betrayed you :joy:).
Link is in the OP. I’ll be sharing both music related things and other stuff.


LMAO. I made it back from the darkside, maybe some day you can too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: .

I’m looking forward to hearing the final version, this one sounds very intriguing to me.

On a side note, I expected you to have a thicker accent.


Cool :sunglasses: that’s Mike style how you did the vlog… :heart_eyes: and the song is awesome and fat sound- smooth same time- you make such a progress Rick- very nice - another proof of your rythm and composition skills and talents :clap:t2:


I’m not coming back, you don’t know the power of the darkside :smile:
Anyway, I’m glad you liked it!

I’ll take that as a compliment :grin:

Thank youuu! You’re always saying nice things :blush:


Lol- not always :stuck_out_tongue:


Wooooow!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: sooooo nice to hear this composition that I wanted it to be muuuuch more long… few seconds and I like it so much! :blush: really well done!!! :heart_eyes:


That’s so cool! :grinning: Thanks! Can’t wait to share this one, I’m actually pretty proud of it


I watched it on yt as soon as you posted!
Eagerly waiting for the completion of the song! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Bananas! Lol


Yes I saw!

Btw I actually named this demo Bananas because it sounds bananas badumtsss :joy:


:joy::joy: oh lol but its really nice tune!


January 30 2018: Sessions
The recording process is nearing its end and frankly, it has taken me long enough! Check out some clips from this week:

The next step is mixing and mastering: setting all volume levels right, adding effects and getting a good sound overall. I don’t know how long this is going to take, but my goal is to have the EP sound as professional as possible.

I’ve also been thinking about final song names and the EP title. I’m trying to go back to the roots of these songs to find the connecting element, if that makes sense. And no, I’m not releasing any track called ‘Bananas’ :joy:.


Is that a midi keyboard you were playing in the second half of the vid?


Just…wooow! :heart_eyes: sooo nice to hear you play! :heart_eyes: :smile:

So no bananas track!?what a pity… :joy: :grin:


Yes, it’s the same synthesizer / midi keyboard I posted an update about a few months back. I mainly use it to record sounds and not as midi keyboard.

Thank you :smile:
‘Bananas’ is the demo title and I’ll change that into a proper name. I’m definitely keeping this song, it’s one of the best!


Can I rent it overseas? We need one for our tesla coil. :joy: