Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Wooooow!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: sooooo nice to hear this composition that I wanted it to be muuuuch more long… few seconds and I like it so much! :blush: really well done!!! :heart_eyes:


That’s so cool! :grinning: Thanks! Can’t wait to share this one, I’m actually pretty proud of it


I watched it on yt as soon as you posted!
Eagerly waiting for the completion of the song! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Bananas! Lol


Yes I saw!

Btw I actually named this demo Bananas because it sounds bananas badumtsss :joy:


:joy::joy: oh lol but its really nice tune!


January 30 2018: Sessions
The recording process is nearing its end and frankly, it has taken me long enough! Check out some clips from this week:

The next step is mixing and mastering: setting all volume levels right, adding effects and getting a good sound overall. I don’t know how long this is going to take, but my goal is to have the EP sound as professional as possible.

I’ve also been thinking about final song names and the EP title. I’m trying to go back to the roots of these songs to find the connecting element, if that makes sense. And no, I’m not releasing any track called ‘Bananas’ :joy:.


Is that a midi keyboard you were playing in the second half of the vid?


Just…wooow! :heart_eyes: sooo nice to hear you play! :heart_eyes: :smile:

So no bananas track!?what a pity… :joy: :grin:


Yes, it’s the same synthesizer / midi keyboard I posted an update about a few months back. I mainly use it to record sounds and not as midi keyboard.

Thank you :smile:
‘Bananas’ is the demo title and I’ll change that into a proper name. I’m definitely keeping this song, it’s one of the best!


Can I rent it overseas? We need one for our tesla coil. :joy:


Sure, that’ll be 800 Euros :joy:
But why do you need a midi keyboard for your project?


Umm…I think an impromptu music department raid is a better option :joy:

It’s one way to get it to play music. Tesla coils can play music out of their electric arcs.


Hahahaha good luck with that.

Wow I didn’t know that! Let me know if you succeed in making that


It’s a kit, we’re just building it. Designing one from scratch is too much effort. Anyway, I don’t want to take your thread off on a tangent.


Haha okay, let’s save this for your own thread :slight_smile:


Great progress Rick @rickvanmeijel, you act very professional already so the result can only be great and professional of course :sunny:

and this thread is just real great- more and more personal with each post :blush: we love it here in our lil paradies and the outside world will appreciate it once you are famous- I still remember when I found your „Ebb and Flow“ those years back on sc - and the flow became a very great wave you are riding on it man! That’s awesome … and „bananas“ is my favorite track too :sunny:️ Curious about the next post already :tada:


Once I’m famous? Not sure about that one :sweat_smile:

I like the wave analogy though


Yeah!remember of us, your first true fans… :blush: and give us free passes for your concert! :heart_eyes: :grin: :blush:


Hahaha I will do that! I’ll also start my own fanclub called RVM Underground :laughing:


Very well done Rick, as always! Can’t wait to hear the whole thing when it’s finished!

Judging from what you have shown us so far, we’re sure of it!