Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Wii do it rock roll


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Do you want to say something ? Or you are just spamming the threads for fun!? :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say it’s spam, but I don’t understand what he’s saying either


I am pretty sure no one else understood it :neutral_face:


February 26 2018: Website launch
Hey everybody! This is not a regular update, but I want to show you guys my new (and first) website. Please have a look and tell me what you think :blush:









As opposed to mine. :joy: :joy: :joy:

The site has a nice clean layout that I like, it is indeed quite simple to navigate. Your bio being in third person was a little odd, but it’s perfectly fine. I really don’t have any criticism for now.

If I had to nitpick I’d say that the main background image is a little noisy (perhaps a lower resolution image that has been zoomed in). Or maybe it’s intentional.

Also I subbed for the newsletter.


LOL! At least you knew how to do some coding, I just used wordpress :smile:

Thanks for the feedback and for subscribing!!
Most bios are in third person so that’s why I chose to do it as well. It was weird to write though.
The background image should be noisy but it could a little too much now that it has been enlarged. I’ll if I can improve that


Ummm…coding…yeah, lets go with that shall we? LMAO :joy: :joy: :joy:

I used not a single line of code. It was all on a template. I just typed out all of the pages.


Oh haha I thought you actually did some custom things to design it. Oh well, take it as a compliment then :joy::tada:


I failed programming in uni. I can’t code to save my life.


Cool man! Very cool :sunglasses: post#1 is a joy to read and your way of writing is very gentle-smooth-charming :blush:, flows through the ear like velvet ( excuse me this methaphorical speech- but - yeah, I just read it and it made me feel this ) superfluous to say I like it, I guess? :laughing:

your writing on the bio is great too imo, especially this part is very nice:

And it’s very informative too, I did not knew for example, that you were this successful at the stagelight contests and featured artist of the month at open labs!

The side navigation is easy and clear. This is a very professional further step on your way to get famous! I subscribed for the newsletter too, now it’s only left to say: remember the free show tickets for your fangirl Nr. 1 :joy: and :clap:t2:


Thanks so much! Why the difficult words though? I had to look up what velvet and superfluous mean :sweat_smile:

I’m glad you actually learned something new from reading the bio. I wasn’t sure if it’s too long or contained redundant info.

Thank you too for subscribing! :blush: I’m sorry, but fangirl nr. 1 is already taken by @Honey8. You could be nr. 2 :joy:


A type of material, known to be nice and soft.

Synonym for over the top or unnecessary


Same! :smile:

@rickvanmeijel I subscribed too! So I’m fan nr 3!! :blush: :sun_with_face: :star_struck:
Very cool site! People here just said, so I have nothing to add for now… :smile: thanks for tagging me! :blush:


:open_mouth:- why do I lost my spot??? (Jk :joy:) nr. 2 is ok with me- but do not push me to nr.3 though :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn I’m already failing at fan management :joy:
I rightfully offer my apologies to you Mrs Walker, I now proclaim you fangirl Nr. 1 in the hopes that Honey8 will not be offended.

@lpfan61 Thank you so much! :blush: