Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Yeeessss I also remember, time has gone so fast! I was still mixing the tracks back then. I’m glad you like the preview, the coming weeks can’t go fast enough haha.

Thank you sooo much! :blush:


I wish you success in the uni, you deserve the best! And I’ll support you as I can.



Thanks man! :blush: really appreciate your words. I support your music too!


Wooow, your post is soo energetic- I really can feel your passion and joy reading this final announcement! You made it man! Big grats for this ep to happen… and if I consider, it happened within the last 8 month- absolutely brave how consequent you worked on this and I have the feel I have seen it growing like a baby though that I finally will be more than happy when it will be born on the 8th May. I know you would have released it earlier if there would be any possibility- but you are such a conscientious artist that you do well on not rushing it now in it’s very last and important stage!

The cover art is very well done - looks fresh and spacy - and now two questions: until now I didn’t received a newsletter with the updates - will there be one? And second: is my second spot on the fanclub list still granted? :stuck_out_tongue:! But seriously: amazing job so far and Relieving is sth you can be very proud on already now- looking forward for the first single next Monday :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading your feedback :blush:

That’s exactly how I feel about too. This has been my biggest project yet and it feels so good to finally ‘‘give birth’’ (:joy::tada:). Release date is June 8 by the way, but I’m sure you got that :grin:

Yes this. I want to do a proper release because this is not just another quick demo.

  1. I’m glad you asked! I’m sending a newsletter this Monday when ‘‘The Spark’’ is released, so you won’t miss it. 2. Of course it is, you’ll forever be fan number 2 :smiley: :joy:


April 30 2018: ‘’The Spark’’ out now
Finally here it is: the first single off of my upcoming debut EP Reliving. This is ‘’The Spark’’:

I hope you’ll enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed creating it. Feel free to share with your friends and subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest news:

Special thanks to Melanie, EthanStark and @kars3 for your contributions!


Hahaha, posting my feedback before you posted your update here, thanx to sc push up notifs :tada:, man- the new song is awesome- flowy and powerful and light and deep sametime… whaaat? Yes- it’s like how I feel it, I love „The Spark“ :heart_eyes: already and I hear the verses and chorus already! Great job, looking fwd to the release of Reliving

Edit: ok, you were a minute faster :grin:


Wooow!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I really like this one!! You’re really great in making music! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Rick this is fantastic! I got the email about it and was so hyped to hear it! Well worth the wait. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


I rushed to be first when I saw you typing :joy: You were the very first to like it on SC! :smiley::tada:
I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Awww thanks for that compliment :blush:

Yesss you saw the newsletter! :tada: It really was worth the wait and I’m glad you’ve stuck with me until now :blush:

Thanks again for checking in and for listening guys!


That album art is me when I try to do programming. :joy:


You mean ‘mind blown’? :joy: It’s supposed to represent something else, but I’m glad you found a meaning hahaha


No, briain overload, critical meltdown. :joy:

What’s the correct meaning behind it?


Lol! I can relate, I was never good at programming either :smile:

The tracks on this EP were each made with a different emotion or memory in mind and they make me relive those feelings and moments. The person on the cover represents me and the bright cloud represents these emotions and memories igniting in my head :grin:


LOOK! :smiley:


Oh my! I didn’t see that yet! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: I’m so excited right now :tada::tada::tada:


It is so cool! Congrats!


Yeah it is!! :blush: I’ve been in contact with Open Labs, but they didn’t have to do this. Thanks for the heads up and your support! :blush:


That is awesome! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing @evooba I retweeted it so hopefully it gets the fame it deserves :slight_smile:


Thanks for retweeting!