Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Man- :tada::tada: I am fangirling on a hyper level :heart_eyes: the debut single and vid are absolutely great :+1:t2: I had the honor to watch the vid together with you yesterday on plug and it just blowed me away :dash: lol - seriously? All on it is very professional- first of all the song itself, „the Spark“ has an amazing flow, it’s powerful and very melodic- eargasm quality once again. The vid is absolutely great work. I had the pleasure to get the explanations yesterday and it was like being a part of your grow up process- starting with seeing you as a kid very young… you getting older, over to the Amsterdam summit from 2015 over to you today - showing you playing the piano very powerful- the vid shows the flow of the song in a very great way and fits absolutely awesome :heart_eyes:- and the end of it leaves the audience curious like: What happened there and how does the story continues…
I hope you feel that all the words I made will tell you one thing: Congrats for your very impressive debut single and vid from your first ep. Looking forward for the further surprises you’ll make us- and fangirl Nr.2 is absolutely hyped! :tada: Good job artist ! :clap:t2:


I’m speechless :blush: Thank you for all your compliments!! I truly appreciate your kind words. I wanted to take you on a journey through the bright moments of my life and I think I succeeded at that :smiley:


May 25 2018: ‘’Fighting the Storms’’ out now
Surprise! ‘’Fighting the Storms’’ is here, the second single of my debut EP Reliving.

I had so much fun working on this track. Originally it only consisted of some piano chords and melodies, but it grew out to be this epic rock song. A massive thank you to Riffs at Random for recording guitars, bass and programming drums! This track wouldn’t have been possible without you. Also, many thanks to TheDamian58C for your feedback on the early version!

Reliving is out June 8. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the new music first:


This is a great one! I loved the ending with the birds! It was a nice touch


Thanks so much AJ! The ending is actually a transition into the next track ‘‘Abandoned Roots’’ :slight_smile:


June 4 2018: Release week
After nearly 11 months of producing and preparation, Reliving is finally out this Friday! Massive thank you to all who have joined me on this journey and supported me during the creative process! All of your contributions, encouragement, likes, comments and enthusiasm has motivated me so much during these months, it means the world to me. I hope this thread has given you some insight into my way of making music. It took some time to finish the project, but I’m glad you stuck with me until the end.

To celebrate the release of Reliving, I’m hosting a special listening party on Plug DJ. I’ll be sharing insights into the meaning and creation of the EP and you’ll be able to ask me your questions. Join me this Saturday at 20:30 CEST in this Plug DJ room: . See you there!

Last but not least, follow me on Instagram to catch some sneak peeks :wink: Information, Guides, & Discussion

Awwww!!yaaay! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: soooo happy for the release!! :sun_with_face: :tada:
I’m in for the plug meet! :heart_eyes: :blush:


Awesome! See you there :smiley: :tada:


Can’t wait to hear And I am happy for you your very talented and your making this proves it


Many thanks! :blush: can’t wait for you to hear it. Will you also be there on Plug DJ?


i will try want time is this us time


Cool! I don’t know where you live precisely, but you can easily calculate your time. Try this


okay 2;30 my time and i try and by there


Can’t wait to hear it!


I love the sound! :smiley::smiley::smiley::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
No doubt I’ve got besr teacher to help me!!
Big thanks Rick!!! Big big thankss!


You’re welcome :blush: I do what I can. Thanks to you as well :smiley:


Lol me for what? :sweat_smile:


Good work @rickvanmeijel that’s awesome! I wish some day I could meet you on plug… and everyone here :purple_heart::purple_heart::hugs::hugs:


For your compliment :smile:

Thank you! I appreciate you checking this out :blush: Why can’t you join us on Plug?


Because I’m working on friday and I’m finishing at 20.00 and I’m having a dinner that night for a birthday. I know you will enjoy it with these guys :grin: