Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Thank you very much!


I prefer self learning a lot of the time too but I don’t have the patience or motivation for a musical instrument.


I like self learning cause you can set your own tempo and take as much time as you need to learn. True, mastering a musical instrument takes a lot of time. My goal is not to become a masterful piano player though, I mainly use the keyboard to figure out melodies, song structures, etc.


Can’t wait for the full version! I found it to be soothing. My frayed nerves today need to be soothed!! :rofl::grin:


That’s great haha.


September 13 2017: LPU collab
Last few weeks I’ve made a lot of progress on the EP. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on music for so many days in a row before. The demos are truly starting to shape up and I think they have lots of potential.

However, building the tracks isn’t always easy. The most challenging one right now is Anything. Because of its ambient characteristics, I don’t want it to have a typical arrangement (verse-chorus-bridge-chorus). So in order to give this track an element of surprise, I was thinking of adding a section with sampled audio clips and I’m asking you guys to help me create this. Listen to the intro and outro of this older demo of mine for example:

You can send me audio of anything (pun intended), as long as it’s your own recording. Doesn’t matter if it’s a phone recording or audio ripped from a home video. It would be nice if your clip has personal meaning to you, that way it gives the track some emotional weight.

Send your clip to I’m looking forward to receiving your submissions!


I’m terrible with music. I’d give it a shot but I don’t have software yet. Is there a free software that you would recommend @rickvanmeijel ?


I use these (both are free):

Or you could just record your audio clip with your phone and email me that file.

Just to clarify, you don’t need to mash it up yourself. I’m only asking for raw recordings and eventually I’ll sample them all and piece them together.


This is just incredibly awesome… I don’t think i’d be able to play on irl instruments like that!


Thanks Nick! One day you will too if you continue to jam out on Garageband :grin::tada:


Stagelight has defeated me. The UI is deeply irritating for anything other than the drum track. I’m gonna try the other one tomorrow.


@rickvanmeijel I can keep hearing this till hours… its one of the best soothing music, still remember your Sick .

i don’t know how to download it…help for that…

I can make some through a website called madeon’s adventure (or something like that). I will send you as soon as i make one. (probably tmro) Ain’t sure if it will be helpful, still will send it.

A question to @rickvanmeijel and @NickGr - do we have to play an instrument and then make music on garage band or it isn’t important and you get the tunes???

Now these are my words… like you both…

I will try with stagelight too…


Thank you!!

I think you misunderstood me. I’m not asking you to make your own music for me. What I’m looking for are random audio clips. Just like the noise of the airplane you hear in the intro of Ebb and Flow, or the waves crashing on the beach, or those talking people. All of these audio clips come from my own recorded holiday videos and home videos.


I’m not so familiar with GB. I’ve always assumed that it has built-in virtual instruments, but I’m not sure. You know this @NickGr ?


It has built-in guitars, piano, bass, electro keyes , drums and electro drums. Plus the loop mode where it’s like a keyboard
and you can also connect any instruments to it using the wires. And use the microphone to sing yourself


Well there you have it @Honey8 :smiley:


Thanks @rickvanmeijel and @NickGr . And sorry rick couldn’t send you the clip today. I am preparing it and have complete idea in my head. As you said we can send some holiday clips but I don’t have any in my account. So will send you soon :blush:

Still thanks again. I too am gonna start making tunes but got exams abd fests ahead so probably next or in December month. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry, there are no deadlines :smile:
Looking forward to your clip and tunes


Have you tried Audacity?


Okay thanks @rickvanmeijel

I will try EVERYTHING!!! 2YRS TO GO! Then i will have some free time. I am gonna take a lot of help from everyone in future… hehe be ready i am gonna eat you head! :crazy_face: lol just kidding :smiley::hugs::hugs:
Well i too have installed stagelight as per your suggestion… :slightly_smiling_face: