Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Its sent @rickvanmeijel . 2 emails…



Thanks for the emails!


add my singing and turn it on. You will pray for a gazillion of nuclear bombs falling in your ears


Now I actually wanna hear that, you guys should record it lol


No…you don’t :joy: :joy: :joy:


September 27 2017: Nice groove


Reminds me of Wish by NIN.


Hey you’re actually right, didn’t realise that :sweat_smile:

Edit: @the_termin8r I also noticed that both songs have the same tempo (135 BPM)! That’s probaby why you thought about Wish


I got the notifs of that from yt. I will check later…rn its early morning 5:00 here…will check later :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, this thread becomes really nice, I right now catched up with it :see_no_evil: And it’s grest progress!! :sunny:️ I just love the idea of creating music together, this is such a great way of uniting energy floods, awesome. I am very curious about the result. And it’s so feelable that you are very into your music a lot these days, @rickvanmeijel the sound is like a flowing wave of energy :blush: and a big progress in it since I started to follow you on sc ( already years ago lol :joy:)


Probably not the right time to blast this video haha.

@theearlywalker thanks for saying that. I hope that I indeed have become better by now :smile:


Just found this thread and really love what I heard so far, you’re really talented, @rickvanmeijel :blush: you just got a new fan! amazing work!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments and support!! (That goes for all of you btw :smile:)


Loool its 5:00 again. Actually mt morning shift break… up since 3:30. But yeah i saw the video in yt and G+. It was nice :clap::clap: :+1:


I saw your comment on yt :slight_smile:

Wow you’re starting pretty early


Yeah its just like you got to fight some bad days to earn some best days… and my wallpaper just helps a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


What wallpaper do you have?


Its this


October 7 2017: More lyrics
It’s been at least two months since I started this project, can’t believe it. Sadly I didn’t make a lot of progress this week due to schoolwork, but I did write some lyrics again. Some lines are old, some have been rewritten and some are a bit simple. Yet I feel like I’ve captured a nice ‘atmosphere’, if you will. No idea if I’m actually going to use these lyrics, since I already have 6 songs that I want to put on the EP. Nonetheless, these are heavily influenced by personal experiences, so they mean a lot to me. I hope you like it.

‘’What’s Holding You Back’’

You think there’s nothing I can do
And there’s nothing you can be
All I want is to release you
From fear and set you free

What’s holding you back?
What’s keeping you down?

I can’t reach you anymore
It seems that tides have turned
But I keep knocking on your door
I’ll probably never learn

What’s holding you back?
What’s keeping you down?

I keep asking you
You keep staring back
What’s holding you back?
I keep asking you
And you keep staring back
What’s keeping you down?

Keep knocking on your door
I’ll probably never learn

What’s holding you back?
(Just tell me)
What’s keeping you down?
(Just tell me)

BTW: I’m still open to receiving your audio clips. For more info, read this previous update (click on the link): Work In Progress: Making my first EP


I like the theme of the lyrics
I think the chorus just needs a bit more to give the song a break from each verse