Work In Progress: Making my first EP


Loool its 5:00 again. Actually mt morning shift break… up since 3:30. But yeah i saw the video in yt and G+. It was nice :clap::clap: :+1:


I saw your comment on yt :slight_smile:

Wow you’re starting pretty early


Yeah its just like you got to fight some bad days to earn some best days… and my wallpaper just helps a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


What wallpaper do you have?


Its this


October 7 2017: More lyrics
It’s been at least two months since I started this project, can’t believe it. Sadly I didn’t make a lot of progress this week due to schoolwork, but I did write some lyrics again. Some lines are old, some have been rewritten and some are a bit simple. Yet I feel like I’ve captured a nice ‘atmosphere’, if you will. No idea if I’m actually going to use these lyrics, since I already have 6 songs that I want to put on the EP. Nonetheless, these are heavily influenced by personal experiences, so they mean a lot to me. I hope you like it.

‘’What’s Holding You Back’’

You think there’s nothing I can do
And there’s nothing you can be
All I want is to release you
From fear and set you free

What’s holding you back?
What’s keeping you down?

I can’t reach you anymore
It seems that tides have turned
But I keep knocking on your door
I’ll probably never learn

What’s holding you back?
What’s keeping you down?

I keep asking you
You keep staring back
What’s holding you back?
I keep asking you
And you keep staring back
What’s keeping you down?

Keep knocking on your door
I’ll probably never learn

What’s holding you back?
(Just tell me)
What’s keeping you down?
(Just tell me)

BTW: I’m still open to receiving your audio clips. For more info, read this previous update (click on the link): Work In Progress: Making my first EP


I like the theme of the lyrics
I think the chorus just needs a bit more to give the song a break from each verse


You’re right. I wanted to have a simple chorus, but maybe it’s too simple now. They could also be repeated each time.

Also, what style or genre did you guys have in mind when you read them? I was thinking of a piano ballad, but I’m curious to hear what you heard.


I thought it would sound a little like Final Masquerade


Oh yes that style would fit very well I think


That’s nice. Simple and beautifully written.


Thanks for checking it out! That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve with this one :smiley:


October 31 2017: A new toy
A few weeks ago I bought this synthesizer: the Novation Mininova. I needed some fresh sounds and I wanted to work with knobs and buttons, in contrast to the virtual synths I normally use. Here’s a quick demo:

This thing is amazing! It has so many features and I just love the enlightened knobs. In the beginning however, I had to get familiar with those cute little keys. It was also pretty challenging to figure out all of the functions, but I’m having a great time with this synth nevertheless.

I’ve already made heavy use of the Mininova on a demo called The Keys (I’m playing a melody of this demo in the video above, but don’t tell anyone!). This one is shaping up to be a bombastic anthem and it could definitely be a great opening track on the EP. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Regarding the lack of updates in the past few weeks: schoolwork took a lot of my free time away. In the coming days I’ll finally be going back to business :grinning:


I volunteer :raising_hand_man: :joy:


Did I say something weird? :sweat_smile:


No I’m just being immature. In the UK calling someone a knob means calling them an idiot. It’s derived from the knob of a dick


Oh crap hahah :joy: I should change that


Nah it’s fine, I doubt others spotted it.


wow you’ve got some cool shit going on. Love that little chord progression / arpeggio thing you posted. Really cool. My first full length is basically finished when I get the mixing done for the last 3 tracks. I’ll check here more often cause your music seems to have improved a lot from when I first heard your tracks on Soundcloud!


Will hear it on yt tonight :blush::blush: i am sure its awesome!