Work In Progress: Making my first EP


You’re right. I wanted to have a simple chorus, but maybe it’s too simple now. They could also be repeated each time.

Also, what style or genre did you guys have in mind when you read them? I was thinking of a piano ballad, but I’m curious to hear what you heard.


I thought it would sound a little like Final Masquerade


Oh yes that style would fit very well I think


That’s nice. Simple and beautifully written.


Thanks for checking it out! That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve with this one :smiley:


October 31 2017: A new toy
A few weeks ago I bought this synthesizer: the Novation Mininova. I needed some fresh sounds and I wanted to work with knobs and buttons, in contrast to the virtual synths I normally use. Here’s a quick demo:

This thing is amazing! It has so many features and I just love the enlightened knobs. In the beginning however, I had to get familiar with those cute little keys. It was also pretty challenging to figure out all of the functions, but I’m having a great time with this synth nevertheless.

I’ve already made heavy use of the Mininova on a demo called The Keys (I’m playing a melody of this demo in the video above, but don’t tell anyone!). This one is shaping up to be a bombastic anthem and it could definitely be a great opening track on the EP. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Regarding the lack of updates in the past few weeks: schoolwork took a lot of my free time away. In the coming days I’ll finally be going back to business :grinning:


I volunteer :raising_hand_man: :joy:


Did I say something weird? :sweat_smile:


No I’m just being immature. In the UK calling someone a knob means calling them an idiot. It’s derived from the knob of a dick


Oh crap hahah :joy: I should change that


Nah it’s fine, I doubt others spotted it.


wow you’ve got some cool shit going on. Love that little chord progression / arpeggio thing you posted. Really cool. My first full length is basically finished when I get the mixing done for the last 3 tracks. I’ll check here more often cause your music seems to have improved a lot from when I first heard your tracks on Soundcloud!


Will hear it on yt tonight :blush::blush: i am sure its awesome!


That’s a huge compliment for me, thank you so much!
I’m also looking forward to hearing your new music. Is it going to be an album or EP?

Cool! You bet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a full length, basically finished. Just wanna make some slight improvements on the production / mixing.


I will listen to it tonight :slight_smile: Shall I send you some feedback afterwards?


that would be awesome, thanks!


Shall I email my feedback? If so what’s your email address?


It amazing


Thank you for checking this out :blush: