Working Process -- my EP


Yeah, i’m finally deciding to start building up an EP. Cannot predict how this goes on and wherever it guides me but i want to take the very moment and just…pin it. That’s the main spirit

Right now i have a couple of tracks ready and so much more ideas… if the most ambitious of them will work then you’ll see something very interesting
Right now here’s a demo instrumental – Somewhere In The Ocean




If anyone else is interested , please tell me and i’ll add you to the tag list


Seems really to be in the ocean! :heart_eyes: nice music! So you’re making an EP!yaay! :sun_with_face: :muscle: hope you’ll make it soon! :blush: :smile:


I always like your work I will listen soon I promise I have a lot of school work to


Why so short? I need more.

I liked it, it gives the sensation of be in a beach seeing the waves calling you.


Come on, it’s only a demo :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck and great great wishes!! :smiley::smiley::heart::sparkles:

I’ll listen the track on sc soon and send the review there itself :wink::wink: we also have got a new message box recently discovered lol :laughing:


It wont play?!?


What do you mean? The track ? Should work


Yeah I click play and nothing…
I will try again later


This might be the SoundCloud issues… Rick couldn’t log in yesterday


I copied the link

Now for my feedback

Don’t know what to think about this one to be honest, im 50/50


It’s only a demo… btw, it’s now avalible on YT


I read the title and I thought, wait what happened to my thread? :joy: Great news Nick! Add me to the taglist


Ahem? aren’t you already in the list?)


Nope. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow great job you truly have a gift




@rickvanmeijel , @the_termin8r, Rick actually was there! You can never prove otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


You sneaky guy :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for adding me :blush:

Somewhere In The Ocean sounds really interesting! I’m curious to see what you’ll make of it