Working Process -- my EP


For today i’m sharing the EP illustrations – some of them go for the songs covers, other might remain or be re-arranged later

The list isn’t full and it doesn’t include the EP cover… oh and one more thing: that yesterday demo today went in a complete unusual and different way – should be cool


Yeah I can. Rick just needs to film him clicking on the notification for the tag. The differing time stamps between the edited post and the notification will prove it. Also tbe edited post indicator.


A - Rick haven’t filmed that
B - how can you prove the edit was about the tag? Oh shit, wait, you can! Probably the moderators have the right to see the previous version of the post
Ok, you win this time, machine. I’ll feed you the chicken as a reward :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I was kidding jaja.

And one more thing: I love the last pic how did you get that effect? Glass?


Just a pic over a pic and the one that’s over is transparent. That’s all


The first 2 confuse my eyes.



Me too. More for the colors :joy:


Me (characters)


Stick some random letters between 2 arrows <> to make the min.


Actually the word “characters” has quite confused me on the first sight lol




Just one more thing – i’ve finished with that demo and now it sounds barely like it has before. And has all the other spirit – so the title has changed too. I wonder if someone guesses it when the whole thing is out ))


Wow, :tada:feels like I’ve been away for ages, :joy: your thread is great bro @NickGr- absolutely great new music ( lol and I wasn’t so far away with my guesses today :wink:) and I like the base for it a lot too :speak_no_evil:- this demo has a BIIIIG potential :heart_eyes:, when curious about the new title already :tada:

As I already said: your music becomes sth special and each track sounds more professional :blush: and special - your improvement within the last six months is incredible :+1:t2:- now I am curious ( as always :joy:) will you combine your lyrics with your sound for the ep??? :eyes: can imagine that to be absolutely awesome :heart_eyes:


Can’t promise but maybe






That’s cool! :smiley: The last 20 seconds I had to put it max volume…I thought it was ended, while there was still music… :see_no_evil:


It’s supposed to be like that, going into silence :slight_smile:


This track sounds cool and has potential. Is it finished or still wip?
Also, great cover art!


I don’t know to be honest. Suppose it’s still wip— gonna see where it drives me eventually :slight_smile: plus i still haven’t published any general info about the EP actually