Would you like to be my friend?


Hi! I’m from Mexico and I’m new here. Post your country and your name too!. I just want a few soldier friends :3


Hi, a similar topic is already available in the forums. Please try this post


si send me request :wink:


My name is Ryan and I’m from the USA!


Feel free to add me! I´m from germany, munich, so we´ll meet in the forum


Hi!! I’m frome Rome!! I like to have some new friens!!add me :smile:


Hi !
My name is Kasia and I’m from Poland :wink:



I am Nishiit, I am from India, add me up.


hi! i´m melanie from wassenberg (germany) :grin:


Hi i am Deborah from Rome Italy Add me @Bere_Zart :smiley:


I’m from Mexico too!


England :smile: add me!


add mee, feel free


Hi! My name is Kristina and I’m from England. Feel free to add.)


OP can wait. I am going to add @KristinaUK



Im tomek from germany, feel free to add me


I can’t find your user :c


Hi to Mexico ! :blush: I’m from Germany and I like to meet new people with the same interests as i have. So add me up soldier(s) ! I’m looking forward to hearing from ya’ll ! :smile: :wink: :sunny:


try to give you a friendly request


United States NC I’m John…