Would you rather...?



lol, I’d be the one doing the blackmail in the first place so why not add betrayal to the list too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lose 1 eye or both thumbs?


That’s a hard one… I think thumbs. I’ve thought about it before, and not trying to be a jerk to blind people, but I would hate to not be able to see, even if it was one eye, still. I have perfect version and no glasses/contacts, and that’s surprising considering how often I’m staring at a computer screen

Staying on this idea, loss of sight or loss of hearing?


Loss of sight.

Loss of a leg or arm?


Arm!!! lol, I´m an expert, belive me…

Would you rather be millionaire or have a granted orgas++++ every time you´ll have s++ lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Right, you lose the function of your right arm in a car accident when you were 6.

No need to censor your words. Millionaire cuz orgas+ always guaranteed for guys :laughing:

Would you rather see your father cheating on your mother, or your mother cheating on your father? (Sorry @The_early_walker sent me down this train of thought)


Guys, please keep it PG. There are minors in here.


ot ok, you´re right, @evooba, let´s take the parralel universe for going on, if you like, @samuel_the_leader

But my question still stands

Would you rather get free and do everything you like or be in a relation and cheat your partner?


nowerdays the one who blames…don´t know…
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Stop acting like @the_termin8r1!


Would you rather get severe food poisoning or have an allergic reaction to some kind of plant and have all sorts of rashes etc?


Had that before

Rather get West Nile Virus or Yellow Fever? (Both from being bitten by mosquitoes)


Same here it’s weird

That’s tough because both happen to me at the same time already.

YEAH! :laughing:

I don’t know the symptoms of either and can’t be bothered to look them up so I’ll just say the quicker one (even if it’s more unpleasant).

Q: Death due to being outnumbered in a massive gun fight or death due to something stupid that you were doing? Yes I realize that you can argue that they are the same thing.


Unfortunately I’m not weird; I need to wear glasses.

Didn’t say you would die from it.

Maybe I die from bungee jumping, who knows?

@The_termin8r1 Would you rather piss off your headmaster/headmistress or piss off your parents/relatives (perhaps your headmaster/headmistress would in turn piss off your parents/relatives)


No, I meant which I’d recover from the fastest, otherwise I’d go for the non lethal one.

My parent’s don’t frighten me and they can’t exactly do much either. As for the headmistress of my college I don’t know how her temper is (I’ve only seen her once and don’t even remember what she looks like) but the worst she could do is expel me in which case it would piss my parents off but they’d be angry at her. So I’ll take either.

WYR: be killed by an animal or human?


by animal who will eat me after that.

Would you rather be poor and have family or wealthy and alone ?


Solitude is freedom

play Russian roulette or heads or tails with a gun?


Russian roulette.

Would you rather have a bunch of “friends” or be alone?


A: If they are “friends”, you are already alone.

Q: Would you rather “fall down every staircase you came across” or “shut your hand HARD in every door you open”. (Assume that you will be using a lot of stairs and doors throughout your life.)


I’d take the stairs. I laugh my head off every time I drop a flight. I’ve only ever shut 1 or 2 doors on my hand (and one of them was a big heavy metal one) and it killed.

WYR: Be shot in the stomach (a lot of blood, a lot of pain) and survive or be struck by lightning twice in quick succession and survive?


hm, if I survive both, than the less painfull shit

Would you rather take ice-cubes or some spoones to kill your sick puffiness?