Would you rather...?


No one chose mine yet…


Leather face… Doesn’t matter just have to die. :sweat_smile:

Okay… i have nothing… someone please type options.


would you rather travel by plane or a car on a road trip


Depends on the plane and the car. If you’re making me choose between an SR71 and an F1, you can burn in hell :stuck_out_tongue: . If it’s a normal car vs a 747, I’d take the car.

WYR: Go from London to NY by swimming across the Atlantic or by hot air balloon where the only method of propulsion is a propeller driven by your pedalling?


Air balloon! :muscle:

Wyr fall down into a cage full of tigers/lions or glass case with venemous reptiles?


Cage! :joy:

Wyr love to fly or love to swim without any breath problems



WYR Read a physical book, or listen to an audio book?


Read a physical
Have constantly updating win10 or use win Vista?


Use Windows Vista. I’m sick of Windows updates.

WYR live in a tiny house with a huge garden or live in a huge appartment without a garden/balcony?


I only need 4 rooms to live, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a workshop. Big garden it is, I can do things with it.

WYR have your best friend chop your hand off with a blunt, rusty knife with not anaesthetic or you do the same to them?


Rob, tiny house probably means tiny rooms :joy::joy::joy: that’s not a variant

OT: same to them :3 I’m cruel , my dear best friend :slight_smile:

WYR: have your toe nails in your coffee or have somebody’s fingers roasted in your hotdog?


Fingers as long as they’re deboned, too lazy to do it myself.

WYR be a cannibal or live off of celery your entire life?


Be a cannibal :woman_shrugging:

Lick a rusty working chainsaw or put your head into a working microwave oven ?


I’d cook my head :joy:

Boil your hand or fry your foot?


Omg guys, it’s almost worst than a horror movie. :joy:

I’d rather boil my hand, it seems to be less radical.

WYR have a bath with piranhas or sleep with a starving crocodile?


I’m terrified of crocs, so I’ll go for death by piranhas.

WYR: Get stung by a bullet ant or a tarantula hawk wasp?


Google claims a tarantula hawk wasp sting doesn’t hurt as much. Of course google is a liar but I’ll just believe that lie for now.


Spend all day in wet socks without being able to take them off


Spend the day with food stuck between your teeth


Wet socks :roll_eyes: no prob with them. Lol don’t talk about teeth… i can wat smthg and i am alive!! That’s big deal for me :joy::joy:


Get a Lamborghini


A big 4 bhk flat?


IDK what that is, but I’m going straight for the Lambo, especially if it’s a Miura SV.

WYR: Get your tongue tasered or have an electric baton shoved up your arse? :joy:


Hahah! Tongue tasered!

WYR: live in the Antarctic or live in somewhere really hot?