Would you rather...?


Anthartic, I’m a cold-liking plant
WYR: crack your mom’s favorite teapot or burn your hand with the boiling water (happened to me irl, had to choose the second variant :joy:)


Crack my mom’s favorite tea pot (my mom is too kind, whatever happen).

WYR spend one week in jail or walk one hour completely nude in the most crowded street?


One week in jail!

WYR walk through a desert without shoes or on the snow?



WYR play FIFA with your cousin/brother/sister and always lose or play a real game as a goalkeeper for the rest of your life?


C’mon broooo!!! I knew it!
You know what when I posted this i was sure you are gonna get your dream car if you’ll reply next… I just felt you aee the one to reply it! :kissing_heart::wink::wink:lool! :laughing::laughing:

Cousin brother sister’s Welcome! :joy:

Wyr eat all day or sleep all day…

Mcd boy will eat i guess lol… @NickGr. :eyes: :laughing:


LMAOOO that will be my life after all these exams. I won’t move. Only eat, play and sleep.
WYR bump your head with door lining or get misunderstood as a 12yrs old because of your height ?


Get misunderstood.

WYR see the movie over and over again until you die or have a date with the most idiot person if all for the next two decades?


Movie , because I already dated an idiot

WYR be a 90 year the rest of your life or be a one year old the rest of your life



WYR be permanantly stupid or permanently smart?



WYR talk uncomfortable things with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with your family and friends?



WYR go to another country far away from your family/friends to find a better way to live or stay in your place and being unsatisfy with you life?


I’m moving straight away, I like my solitude

WYR be lost in a forrest in the middle of nowhere or be lost in a massive foreign city where you can’t communicate with anyone in any way?


Even if i like nature, i prefer the massive foreign city to have a chance to survive.

WYR painting all the walls of a house with 100 rooms, or cleaning all the windows of a skyscraper?


That’d be an awesome opportunity to have haha bear grylls it :stuck_out_tongue:

Id go for painting the walls, Ill put hidden messages in the paint muahaha it’ll keep me occupied haha

Wyr have to continue studying courses throughout your whole life or be capped off intellectually right this moment?


If being eternally stupid, oblvious means being happy, then I’d like to be a spanner.

WYR: Swallow a grenade with the pin pulled out or have C4 strapped to your face?


Swallowed grenade, whoever made me swallow it is gonna have a damn bleeping mess to clean up :triumph:

Wyr die by 1000 knives or 1000bullets


1000 bullets. It seems to be less cruel even if it’s the same in the end!

WYR live in paradise alone or live in hell with your close family?


Solitude is freedom

WYR be forever alone or be forever surrounded by at least 15 people at all times (literally)?


Alone lol :laughing:


Let a fart out in the full subwaytrain
Risk stomach ache


let out a fart :joy:

have french fries or spaghetti as fingers