Would you rather...?


French fries. When they get cold I could use them better.

WYR walk nude one year to your work/school or eat decomposed meat the rest of your life?


Walk nude hands down.

Ok, would you rather play a real-life game of Mafia where if you get selected to be killed you really die, OR live on a Halo ring for the rest of your life? I suggest watching the Game Theory science of Halo Rings before making the choice


Never played Halo and don’t know the lore, but being in a mafia sounds fun.

WYR: Be a Hitman who is only hired to kill your own friends and family or be the one to call the hits on them?


Oh yeah! :joy: I can understand! Lol are they ended yet? I am late as always!


You guys can’t hack this or what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Call the hits.

WYR write like an idiot the rest of your life or eat just junk food the rest of your life?


I’m my own grammar Nazi and I love burgers, so the answer is obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

WYR: be in a crashing plane in the middle of nowhere or a sinking ship in the middle of the pacific? Life or death are nkt guaranteed in either situation, whether you live or die depends on external factors.


Sinking ship in the middle of the pacific.
I think you have more time to think about a survival strategy.

WYR spend one week without sleeping (you can go and do whatever you want but no resting time) or spend one week in your bed (you can ask for any things you want but have to stay lay down in your bed) ?


What if I told you that you slipped and impaled yourself on some debris, causing an arterial wound that left you rapidly bleeding out? :stuck_out_tongue:

No sleep, past the 24h mark, even a sit down will get me nodding off (I know from experience), also staying up a week straight is a better record.

WYR: only eat sand for a month (you can drink whatever you like) or only drink petrol for a month (you can eat whatever you want)?


Eat sand, I guess petrol would get me sick or something… lol :thinking:

WYR eat something poisoned to save your best friend/family member or let them/he/she have it?


@the_termin8r :joy: I don’t change my choice even with that, the crash plane is too fast and stressful.

Eat something poisoned to save her/him, I couldn’t live with his/her death on my mind.

WYR play to Jumanji (the whole adventure game, in real) or live benjamin button life?


Jumanji. I could start the destruction of the world :smile: jajaja

WYR spend a day with intheend or with Chris styles?


Intheend ( I don’t even know who the other person is )

Wyr it be always super hot or it being freezing cold for the rest of your life


Cold, at least I don’t smell SO bad jaja

WYR Share a shower with old people or with kids and their questions?


:sob: that ones worse than the death ones haha
I’d say old people… No questions and you oughta be the most confident one there :stuck_out_tongue:

Wyr lose sight or lose hearing


Both bitter… but as for decision: sight…


Eat human flesh to overcome after a catastrophe or die slow and painful?


Ribs are ribs :yum: :shushing_face:

Save a loved one or save a group of strangers?


If I had to decide in this moment: first the loved one, then- if time remains the rest…




Wyr fly or have go under water without any kind of problem of breathing and stuff.


I prefer fly ! It would be fun for travelling easily all over the world.

WYR be a cat or a dog?