Would you rather...?


Tiger, striaght up.

Be a great white or an orca?


Orca (I think great whites have a bad reputation and are more likely to be hunted by humans)

WYR wake up to the sound of someone drilling or to the sound of an annoying sports car next door


Good choice. It was a trick question. Orcas hunt sharks to eat their livers (and nothing else), sharks are scared to death of them. To the point of swimming literally a couple of thousand miles to get out of the area. Scientists tagged a shark that dove a mile down and swam ~2k miles to Hawaii when an orca attack ocurred near by. Also orcas are known for sinking blue whales, just becasue.



WYR be an animal or a tree?


I’d imagine being a sentient tree would be sh*t.

WYR have no face or no extremeties?



WYR be blind or mute?


Mute, far less of an issue.

WYR be buried alive or lost in deep space?


Buried alive maybe I have a chance to save myself and be alive lol

WYR be able to understand every language or to know more than one subject completely?


Know every subject completely

Wyr go to a green day concert or a Jay z concert?


Green Day.

WYR speak like an idiot all your life or get married with a rat?


I’m already succeeding at speaking like an idiot all my life so let’s go with that :grin:

Wyr have a perfect day with everything you want then difficult rest of year or a pretty uneventful good year with nothing special


I would take the year

Wyr only be deaf or blind


I would rather be deaf because we can deal with it easily, there are some kind of electronic devices which can help to hear once again.
And I love to observe the world around me.

WYR get your body entirely tattooed and be sure to find your soulmate (and live with him/her) or don’t have to tattoo your body but live without the absolute certainty to find your soulmate (and live with him/her)?


Whoa…these are…how are they related??? Lol
I’ll definitely tattoo every millimeter, and she can choose every tattoo I get done lol

Wyr meet your soulmate yet not be able to connect with them or not know who it is and leave it to chance that you meet them with the possibility of never meeting them


First one.

WYR spend all your life teaching maths or receive them until you die?


Teach :slightly_smiling_face: that would mean I knew the material well and I could help the next generation with a good attitude unlike some professors I’ve had cough cough

Wyr know one single material very well very in depth or many different materials but not as deep or as well


Many different materials, I prefer the diversity of subject.

WYR walk on a wire (like slackline) between two high buildings or do a parachute jump?


:thinking: how about make it halfway down the wire, then jump off and parachute :grin: haha I’m actually a chicken but considering i didn’t cross the wire all the way I’ll answer parachute…haha I could probably be convinced haha

Wyr have a carefree simplistic life or a busy hectic fancy life


That would be awesome even if I’m a fearful person too! :joy: (wire + parachute)


Carefree and simplistic

WYR Learn to play the keyboard or the guitar?