Would you rather...?


I already play the keyboard. How do you think I typed up this reply?


WYR Be a harsh troll or be harshly trolled?


I like that reply so much… :grin: so…sometimes it’s cool to be trolled too…I choose that one… :rofl:

WYR being alone at a show with awful music (and obviously first row) OR being at the last row,can’t see anything, loooots of people and nice music?


Front row, that way I’m in striking distance of the clot on stage.

WYR: Listen to one song on repeat for your entire life (like schizophrenia) or hear your fav song only once in your entire life?


Lool I wouldn’t want to be that clot… :joy:

Ah this one…I’ll live with the memory of it lol

WYR come and see Mike’s solo show but really far away from you or see a show with Mike as a guest for only few minutes and near your place?


Show with mike.

Fifa in stadium live or a baseball match live?


Whichever is shorter, I’m not into sport.

WYR get hit on bare skin, point blank with a paintball gun or the same with an airsoft gun?


I choose the paintball gun to add color to my life :joy:

I really don’t know why i’m thinking of that one (:grin:)… WYR spend one night in a room full of mosquitos or in a room full of nice spiders ?
(Nice spiders exists!)



You know my answer…
Same question to @DavidZinssler


In room of spiders! Mosquitoes are hell :joy:


:flushed: :scream: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Lol :joy: it’s okay. You can go to the mosquitoes room. I’ll spend one night and see you there okay. :kissing_heart:



Run naked through the sahara or the arctic for an hour?



WYR stay 72 in a graveyard or in an abandoned house?



Wyr eat snails or bull-balls ?


Snails definitely.

WYR turn into filthy socks or a broken underpants?


Lol what is a broken underpant? With a hole in it? Then I would go for that



Yeah, that.

Ahh maybe the socks, because with the underpants, well imagine that the person has diarrhea…

Be eaten for a turtle or work in a zoo cleaning the poo.


Working in a zoo…

Live in a house with no windows or a house with no doors?


No windows.

WYR eat burned food the rest of your life or dancing nake in from of all your family friend?


Lol- dancing naked I guess cause it’s over after a moment - lol - but burned food for the rest of my live :nauseated_face:

Wyr have church bells ringing every hour for ten minutes ( day and night) for the rest of your life or howling wolfes every night continuously?