Would you rather...?


Dancing with you :joy:

Ahh… Wolfes.

WYR Sleep with snakes or with cockroaches?


Ewwww- cockroaches- they can’t kill you

Wyr wear high heels a whole day ( high as in 10cm minimum) or barefoot when it’s +40 outside ( which means you will get burned when walking over asphalt street?


High heels, it wouldn’t hurt as much as the other option.

WYR spent the rest of you life watching your favorite movie or run a marathon of 75km daily?


Oh wow… I guess the movie cuz I’m a lazy person lol

Wyr post here forever or post the last post in the last post thread? :rofl::rofl:


The last post.

WYR drink tea the rest of your life or eat nuddles for the rest of your life?


Noooodles :joy::joy::joy:


Jump into a sea that is icecold or get into a flat where it has 45*C for one hour?


The second one.

WYR participate in a lingerie ad or in an adult movie?


Lool :thinking: o idea - you?

Would you rather

Eat kangaroo anus or drink snail slime?


The adult movie jajaja

Hell! The anus.

WYR eat your own feet or your own hands?


Don’t mind me…just…






Listen one hour nonstop to the Bieber or to Britney? ( I know this is a hard one :joy:)


Nah! Too easy: Britney

WYR hear your voice in an audio clip oven and over and over again until you die or date with Justin Bieber?


My voice ofc :sweat_smile:



Date with Bieber and runaway for the window of the bathroom :joy: (but first ask everything is in the menu)

WYR celebrate your birthday with Trump or donate all your money to a false charity?


False charity! :joy:

WYR have same hair as Trump for all your life or be bald?


Be bald.

Sleep on a water bed or inflatable mattress?


Water bed

WYR listen to Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera

WYR have no fingers or no toes??


Really?! Why?

No toes.

WYR sing Numb in front of a billion people and fail every note or sing with Taylor Swift in from of your friends for 48 hours followly?


With TS in front of friends lol… tbh both were bad

Eat a cockroach or a snail?