Would you rather...?


That’s the point of this game.

Cooked or raw?


Raw dude. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Then I’d go for the roach. It’d be harder to swallow the snail.


Next options?




One horse sized duck.

WYR take a :poop: shower or work for free all your life?


Work for free


what??!! i was imagining what the hell!! :joy:

alright 1st one…


have longest hairs or nails



WYR to be captived for an unknown civilization and then sacrificed.


Sleep the rest of your life in a chamber filled with insects?


Really? Nobody?


This, but I hope to escape before the sacrifice… :laughing: :muscle:

WYR be all life closed in a house without windows but with all comforts and never going out
Stay outside without any possibilities to find a single room to stay?


This :slight_smile:

WYR eat carton box every day until you die or sing in from of a million metalheads “I will survive” over and over again until they try to kill you?


I choose the box!!! :laughing:

WYR go to a concert of classical music for free or to a rock one paying all the money you have and becoming for ever poor?


Classic music, when everyone fall asleep, I’ll steal all their instruments :smiling_imp:

WYR date with Will Smith (he will be acting like an ass***e) for the next 20 years or present yourself in an interview naked?


Will Smith, but I’ll cheat on him… :joy: :joy: :see_no_evil:

WYR date the person you like knowing he/she doesn’t love you or date a person you don’t like but who loves you?


Whit me? :joy:

Date with the one who doesn’t love me. At least I would be fulfilling my dreams :slight_smile:

WYR eat cat food or dog food?


Dog food

WYR be insane and free or “normal” and in asylum?


I’m already insane and free :stuck_out_tongue:

WYR upload all the draws you’ve done in your life or eat chilli until you die (you can’t drink water or any other similar things)?


I like hot stuff, bring it!

WYR be subjected to my beatboxing for an hour or get covered in papercuts?



On topic papecuts their not that bad

Broken ankles or a broken arms