Would you rather...?


Have you never gotten one on the knuckle? Those are so bloody irritating, because they take ages to heal due to the constant movement.


Never just on my fingers


You’ll change your mind when you get one on the knuckle lol.


I trust you on that
But hopefully it dosent happen


This is coming from someone used to getting stabbed, cut, zapped, burned and crushed by various things. :joy:


If you had to choose to suffer one of those things for the rest of your life what would you choose :sweat_smile:


Zapped, it’s quick pain.


I meant that as a joke I didn’t think you were going take it serious


Being stabbed and cut is annyoing, because I end up bleeding everywhere, so I have to clean it up. Being burned usually starts to sting after a while and it’s annoying. Being crushed usually leaves my fingers really sore so I can’t do anything. Being zapped is probably the most painful, but also the quickest, it’s over in a fraction of a second.


Ok I have the perfect job for you: stuntman and in the most action movies! :laughing:


Sounds fun, but I’m too fat. I can’t even jog 50m without nearly dying, which is odd, because I can walk quickly for an indefinite amount of time.


You’re not that fat, just need a bit training for the job… :muscle:


I have a bit of a stomach, I probably should have said unfit. I nearly died running around when I went paintballing lol.


:thinking: You could do the “static” scenes… :smiley:


This one to keep you company… :sweat_smile:

WYR eat without drink or drink without eat?


I tend to do both of these normally. LOL


What?? :flushed: I need both!


My parents are confused by it too. I don’t do it all the time, but regularly. I eat systematically :joy:. For example, if I have a sandwich, a salad and a can of coke. I’m most likely to eat the sandwich first, then the salad and then finish the coke at the end. Likewise I often eat things without having a drink around and drink stuff without food.


:thinking: Terminating the food and drinks… :see_no_evil:


What do you mean terminating?