Would you rather...?


Like Terminator of the movie with guns etc, you eat / drink with a certain “strenght/energy”… something like that… no offence…


Ah, none taken. Now that you bring it up, I do indeed eat like a machine. LMAO


Rob are you one of those people that eat the hamburger first and then the chips…and refuse to eat them together???


Yes. :joy: Though I usually ditch the chips completely in favour of another burger. If it’s McDonald’s then I just get two double cheeseburgers. If it’s Burger King I just get a double steakhouse and it’s enough.


lol!!! always got to have chips!! ergh i cant stand burger king or KFC…we may not be friends after finding this information out!!! :rofl:


I only like a couple of BK’s burgers, KFC I’m 50/50 on, their burgers are garbage, but their chicken is ok. KFC have left a very massive market untapped. They need to start selling battered chicken skins, just the skin without the chicken, because that’s really the only reason people buy KFC, not for the actual chicken.


i normally go for chicken nuggets or mayo chicken…only have chips from McDonald’s!! cant stand them from anywhere else! i also have chicken popcorn but i cant remember where thats from…im also annoyed that Thorpe park dont have McDonalds!!


Popcorn chicken is KFC. I haven’t been to Chav-land in ages, but don’t they have BK? I remember the days when Alton Towers had McD’s though I haven’t been there in years either.


ah ok so i only like that from KFC. lol i have no idea i never remember whats there!! My mate works there so i get to go for free and skip queues every so often! I never went to Alton Towers…Loved Chessington world of adventures!


That used to be good, and then the crowds started to descend on it, and I grew up.


lol…to be young again!


I’m now violently allergic to any and all theme parks.


They were good back in the day!

WYR be stuck in a room full of angry wasps or a room full of angry red ants?


Yeah, when I hadn’t been to each one at least six times.

I’ll take the ants, I know they have the most painful sting on earth (or maybe it was the bullet ant), but that much wasp venom is bound to be lethal. Though with that being said, so could the ant venom.

WYR: Fist fight a polar bear or take your chances with a honey badger?


or having to queue for hours on end!!

Yeah the bullet ant has the worse sting! ( check this out…my little bro showed me this today: https://youtu.be/i1MblvdlYZw )

ummm…fist fight a polar bear!

WYR take a 24 trip on a boat or 24 trip on a bus?


Blame health and safety, in Germany you wait ~40 mins for the really big rides.

That was hilarious. :joy: I remember Steve from Deadly 60 got stung too and blacked out.


oh wow! lol…H&S has gone mad these days…but needs it after accidents happening!

That video is crazy!! He was crying and everything!!


Yeah, he wore gloves full of them for 10 mins. Why are nature program Steves hardcore?


Mad man!! he does a lot of good stuff though!


I know, I used to watch Deadly 60. I still remeber that time he accidnetally stomped on a caiman multiple times and it bit him.