Would you rather...?


Whoa that was fast!!! lol he didnt even know it was there!!


I find it funny how he said he felt something hard and then proceded to keep stepping on it, he was asking for it here. :joy:


hahah init! i would of backed off!



WYR be buried alive or burned alive?


Buried alive.

Have spaghetti or grass as hair



Eat a taco or a burrito :grinning:


The idea is give two bad options :upside_down_face:


Wyr be Batman (framos, not the real one) or Santa Claus? :stuck_out_tongue:


Die :upside_down_face:


Santa, at least I have cookies :smile:

WYR Dance naked in from of the person you like or eat insects during 3 years?


Then @lpfan61 steals them from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eat insects :neutral_face:

Wyr let 100 spiders crawl on you or get bitten by a shark?


Let 100 spiders crawl on me because i could stay alive.

WYR have no child when you want to have child so bad or have 10 children when you don’t want to have child at all?


There have been people that survived shark attacks, and what if the spiders are poisonous :crazy_face:


Agreeeeed!! I would choose the shark! :triumph:


How many? :joy::blush: It’s difficult to swim after that :thinking:


No child

WYR: Be pepper sprayed or Tasered?



Wyr be hit in the head by a metal bat or shot in the back of the head by a bebe gun?



WYR eat your own hand or take your eye out with a spoon? :joy:


Eat my hand, at least I could still see fine lol, I would much rather lose a hand than an eye, i’d say anyway

Wyr be thrown out of a helicopter with a broken parachute or in a car sinking in the ocean?


I’ll take the adrenaline rush, plus, I can’t exactly swim. :stuck_out_tongue:

WYR: Huff spray paint or smoke crack? (where are these going? :joy: )


Idk which is worse? :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll take the spray paint I guess :man_facepalming:

Wyr snort cocaine while running naked in the woods at night or do 100 shots of vodka and go door to door offering cookies while wearing a thong?