Would you rather...?


Can I do both? :joy: They both actually sound like fun, you wouldn’t remember either event.

WYR: Run a drug cartel or a mafia?


Idk if I should be worried or not :joy:

No, but everyone who sees you will :stuck_out_tongue:


Wyr rob a bank alone or try to kill trump for his money? Each one requires getting past plenty of security


Either is fine with me.

WYR walk on a mile of Lego or walk into a claymore?


A mile of lego … lol!

Wyr sit or stand in a dark room just idle doing nthg for a whole day?


Stand in.

WYR eat your own :poop: or drink your urine?


No I ain’t giving that ans!!! Ew! :woozy_face:

I chose urine then…

What about you ?