Would you rather...?


Fixed the typo. :joy:

I fancy the longer adrenaline rush, plus, the cold water shock will kill you faster as you instinctively take a massive breath of air when the icy water reaches your face, so you drown.

WYR spend a day in hardcore engineering lectures or hardcore gender studies lectures? :joy:



WYR sing Christmas’ song in a ballet suit in from of all your friends (they’ll bully for this until you die) or hear your parents sing songs (bad, of course) until next the next year. (There will be videos and all of them will be in Fb and youtube).


The second.

WYR rip your own fingernails out or have your head set on fire?


My head on fire.

Wyr be eaten by a turtle or for a mouse?



Wyr go to America (usa) or go to asia