Would you rather...?


Fixed the typo. :joy:

I fancy the longer adrenaline rush, plus, the cold water shock will kill you faster as you instinctively take a massive breath of air when the icy water reaches your face, so you drown.

WYR spend a day in hardcore engineering lectures or hardcore gender studies lectures? :joy:



WYR sing Christmas’ song in a ballet suit in from of all your friends (they’ll bully for this until you die) or hear your parents sing songs (bad, of course) until next the next year. (There will be videos and all of them will be in Fb and youtube).


The second.

WYR rip your own fingernails out or have your head set on fire?


My head on fire.

Wyr be eaten by a turtle or for a mouse?



Wyr go to America (usa) or go to asia



WYR eat mashed potatoes or French fries for the rest of your life?


French fries.

WYR spending your holidays with the teacher you hate the most doing his/her work or do the homework of all your friends and family for the next 5 years (no time to rest nor eat)?


If it’s not all my holidays (like every year) i would prefer spending holidays with the teacher. If it’s every holidays for life i would prefer doing the homework of everyone during 5 years. :joy:

If it’s the apocalypse, WYR going on the planet Mars without seing your family and friends ever again but being safe, or staying on earth facing the apocalypse with your friends and family?


Either or, both sound exciting. Depends on the type of apocalypse.

WYR win £1M where you can only spend it on plastic spoons or have £1M to spend on whatever you want, but every time you spend £10, someone close to you dies (when everyone is dead, each 10 decreases your life by 1 year)?


The plastic spoons ( I don’t really care much for money)

Wry spend the rest off your life spent tied up unable to move or spend your life being able to move but being in complete agony



WYR Rip all your teeth out with a pair of pliers and no anaesthetic or do the same to the person who is closest to you?


You… I’d rather rip my teeth out

WYR have always something to do or have never something to do?


Have always sth to do

Would you rather have cheese or sausage for breakfast?


I don’t see what’s so bad about those options.


It is if you prefer marmolade lol


Let’s get all the three for breakfast

Would you rather have + or - 40 degrees C outside?



Would you rather die now or live forever? :stuck_out_tongue:


Either or, I’m not fussed.

WYR live off of ghost peppers all of your life or plain bread?


Plain bread. I love me some bread

Would you rather have all your hair replaced with teeth or all your teeth replaced with hair?


Hair replaced with teeth

Wyr have to eat your own eyeballs or have your hands and feet glued together with gorilla glue?