Wretches and Kings - National General Strike 2/17/17


There is a National General Strike being proposed in the USA for Febraury 17th - 20th.

UnpresidentsDay Weekend — Friday, 2/17/17 - Monday, 2/20/27
Trump isn’t working. Neither should we!

WE DEMAND RECONSTITUTION. Disrupt the economy until we have a government, instead of being had by one. This is how we stop Trump and the entire corrupt political establishment before they destroy us and the planet we call home.

I’m not trying to bring up a political discussion, necessarily; I want to know what you think about the use of Mario Savio’s speech in Wretches and Kings and MLK’s speech in Wisdom, Justice, and Love in relation to this event. I want to know what you think and I want to find out what the LP band members think.

Here’s a link to a fb page for the event:


I think that is a great idea. Actions speak louder than words. We have to take action to be heard.


Honestly just talking about the speeches in the songs I always thought of the matrix when listening to them lol
Considering everything going on though I think they inspire rebellion within people who don’t agree with the ideology going around against immigrants etc
The strike is an awesome idea as well
Everyone has to put in a grain of salt


Definitely a great idea. The more protests and marches we do, the better! There is another big protest planned here in London for this month.


funny note : I heard in the boulevard news today, that the Queen is not amused to meet Trump…or his wife…

. I would enjoy a protest march in Germany too…


I’m sure there are protests happening in Germany as well. They’ve been taking place all over the world.


small protest yes, but a big action and “going on the streets” the german population denies hardly…


I swear, the BBC is the most refreshing news channel to watch when it comes to getting American news. It’s the least biased media source I’ve seen. America has become SOOOO bipartisan. I really wish we could just get the facts at face value…

On a side note, I’m very thankful to those countries out there standing with the American majority that DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. Trump is turning his back on the rest of the world and, while it could be so easy for the rest of the world to do that to us, they haven’t. So thank you to people like you @evooba and @theearlywalker and anyone else not in the U.S. standing up with us. :heart: Keep resisting. :fist:


Wow thank you , :heart_eyes: @cincybmxlpfreak


@theearlywalker Berlin and Hamburg both organised big protests like last week to join in with the rest of the world. It was all over the news.

@cincybmxlpfreak Definitely! 4.9million people (outside the US) are against him and taking part in the protests, we all stand together in serious stuff like this.


thank you Eva, …


so great to see the people unite and take action


@theearlywalker and I no longer watch news…


yes, this is right @samuel_the_leader, we won t stand it and it gets worse everyday …


Sports news are even more boring, I dunno why ppl watch them.