Write, Record, Rock Out; Top 10 list


Does anyone know where they will be posting the “Top 10 List” for the “Write, Record, Rock Out”/ LPSessions contest?

My band-mates have been up all night refreshing the link http://bit.ly/152khXO that was posted and in-so-many-words said the top 10 would be listed " here"

I’m anxious but I didn’t expect the list to be posted at 12am PT, so I got a good nights sleep :slight_smile: … however now I check occasionally from work and I’m thinking the list will be posted here: http://lpunderground.com/lpusessions

Does anyone know for sure where we should be looking?




it does say today , i stayed up till there time zone last night and nothing, also nothing this morning they will post it on the link soon i hope it would be awsome to make that top 10 especially with u guys luv that asylum song . Im super excited to see who made it man come o LPU post already i had to bust ass on my song to get it submitted in time i wished i had more time to clean it up a little with my LoFi recording good luck to you and your friends band buddy


#Suspense !!


Maybe they meant 12pm? fingers crossed


my thoughts exactly. I’m anxiously waiting to see who are the top 10 finalists.


Dude me to bro i have been waiting and anticipating the results as well really looking forward to seeing the top 10 this was an awesome contest and I am thankful and stoked that Linkin Park organized something like this!


i like how the guys are tweeting and its nothing about the contest lol and im like DUDES DID U TOTALLY FORGET THERE A CONTEST GOING ON FOR THE TOP 10 LMAO !!! they sure know how to keep us on our feet , oh! you guyz


The top 10 are up. I voted for Christy but honestly, I don’t I agree with the choices.


One of the “top 10” doesn’t even know how to use the proper form of “your/you’re?” Seriously?


Yeah I mean, I’m not trying to sound like I think I should have been in the top 10 but a few of the choices to me are really weak. Just very amateur sounding, while some sounded great. I’m just not sure what they are even looking for based off the songs chosen. If my song didn’t make top 10, I wonder what other great songs weren’t picked. It seems like they were picked at random.


Well … since we didn’t make it into the top 10 …

Hopfully some of you will find our song here and enjoy it none the less.

The Dead Clowns - ASYLUM


I thought the competition said to rock out?
Not to gently tap my foot.


[quote=Craig FrequentC Friebolin]Well … since we didn’t make it into the top 10 …

Hopfully some of you will find our song here and enjoy it none the less.

The Dead Clowns - ASYLUM

will check out

would you check out my submission as well?


I already checked you out Skinperiod … I’ve been stalking everybody’s submissions for a week now :wink:

Going to give it another listen now


[quote=Craig FrequentC Friebolin]I already checked you out Skinperiod … I’ve been stalking everybody’s submissions for a week now :wink:

Going to give it another listen now[/quote]
I like your bands song man. I wouldnt have minded if it had made it. seems like linkin park doesnt want competition lol


Alright, my thoughts on the top 10. Songs marked with a * are ones that I definitely think should have made it.

Don’t Feed the Animals - DTFA Linkin Park Submission (Josh Dillard): I didn’t think Bruno Mars was eligible to enter a contest like this…haha. Not a BAD song, seems kind of generic though. Also, way to fail at abbreviating your name (“DTFA” instead of “DFTA”), and you couldn’t come up with a song title? I guess I’m being really nitpicky, but the song isn’t good enough to overlook things like that. Has potential, but I’ve heard better.

*Beta State - When I’m Too Weak to Know (adrianrobison): This is actually a VERY good song. Totally okay with this being in the top 10.

Catalyst - One of the Few (cldntthnkofasn): What the FUCK is this garbage!!! The only thing more atrocious than the mix on this song is the band’s timing. The drummer sounds like he’s trying not to fall off his throne, that’s the only reason I can think of for him to be all over the place this badly. This sounds like it was recorded with a single microphone in someone’s garage, one guitar track drowning everything else out…please tell me this band’s only been together for 3 months? I mean the overall composition is somewhat interesting, but this recording is something I’d never consider showing ANYONE, let alone entering in a contest. Not trying to be harsh, but this really just sounds like a group of people who aren’t actually used to playing in a band yet. Keep practicing, the song’s got potential, but you have a LOT to work on.

Sound Detour - Your a Good Welcome (Sound Detour): …Read that song title again. “Your a Good Welcome.” SOMEONE WHO CAN’T EVEN USE PROPER GRAMMAR IN THEIR SONG TITLE MAKES THE TOP 10!!! Seriously? facepalm As if that’s not bad enough, the singing on this track is horribly off-key. I can’t even make it through the first repeat of the chorus. The rapping leading up to it has some potential, but the singing is SO bad I literally can’t finish the song to know what the whole thing sounds like.

*The Lion Oh My - Mayday (Thelionohmy): This is pretty interesting. The rest of the elements of this song have a pretty professional quality, but the drums sound very…demo-ish? Kind of an odd contrast. Good song though! Again, no problem with this being in the top 10, I think the song just needs a good mixing treatment and some new drums.

Soul Set Fire - Hello & Goodbye (xximinabandxx): Another very well-produced track. The clean singing is kind of forgettable, but everything else is solid. Definitely head and shoulders above some of the other submissions.

*Save the Grace - A Man Called Doubt (BGrant7): Interesting folky-sounding song. Really like the violin! This reminds me of some of the stuff my old band was doing before our violin player bailed on us. Very good singer too. This might be the strongest track on here.

*Sun Never Sets - Confession (RKG): This mix sounds VERY over-compressed, but the song itself is really good. Glad to hear there’s at least ONE good instrumental track that made the cut…

*Christy Craig - Des Mechants (Christy): Oh cool, another good instrumental track! Lots of cool stuff going on here…wow. REALLY interesting! This is pretty close to the Save the Grace track in terms of my favorites.

EEK! - Days in March (eek2525): Another great production, and this one probably fits in best with the style of music Linkin Park’s been leaning towards lately. That doesn’t necessarily mean I like it though. It sounds very disjointed with all the stuttering/start-stop stuff going on, especially near the beginning. There are some good musical elements going on here, but they’re frequently interrupted by stuff that sounds out of place. I’m not even a big dubstep fan, and I’ve heard better dubstep than this. Solid, but I question whether it’s top 10-worthy.

So, all told, there are 5 or 6 songs that I think DEFINITELY deserve to be in the top 10 (I’m still on the fence about the Soul Set Fire song), 2 that are mediocre, and 2 that are terrible. And no, I’m not just saying this because I’m mad that I didn’t make the top 10. Just doing a quick Youtube search, here are a couple submissions that are EONS better than the Catalyst or Sound Detour tracks:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCDpUs_3SdU - Mutants & Rockstars - The American Scheme
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgx5YlfqDuc - Radicalypse - Anthem of Life (I guess this one TECHNICALLY doesn’t follow the “static image” rule? Then again, I thought we were only supposed to use a static image of our name/logo, but there are photo collages all over the entries selected for the top 10)

At the very least, these two should have replaced the Catalyst and Sound of Detour songs. Both are superior tracks in every way. I’m sure I haven’t heard every submission, either.


Whoa, I thought the Mutants & Rockstars submission would’ve made it for sure. I was checking out some submissions on youtube last week and that one stood out for me. Very catchy! If he’s reading this, keep it up, you got potential man!


holy fuck shi!!!t they had to be picked at random, i dont even think the band even listened to the submissions ,that was all one person right there sucks major ass …And as for they are looking for a new sound like the submission qualifications said not one was original , dont get me wrong some of them are good and well recorded, but some didnt have business being up there seriously none had originality just influenced in them thats about it , and yes it did say ROCK OUT !!!


the dead clowns and mine should of been up there just saying well theres always X-factor


well im gonna keep recording my new shit and lay down some mad piano note tracks down in a bit , also i do booking in chicago so i would mind having some of this mad talent i heard on here