Write something for Chester


Why not write poems or texts for our Chaz?

Dear Chaz,

You are my inspiration, one star bright in the world, and now, in the sky too!
It’s being difficult, weird, and we try to go on without our sweet voice that sometimes screamed in fury.
I want to see you in my dreams, and keep embracing your legacy!
We always care, and forever we will be here, your soldiers, your brothers , your familly and your friends.
Rest in piece my big Chazzy

By Isabel

And you? write something for Chester


I wrote something called I couldn’t save you for him @isabemilly
and wherever you are I want you to know that you saved my life and your the reason I am doing music :notes: I love and miss you very much


So sweet,
He is my razon for thousand things!
I love him too, and i miss


So sweet and beautiful.


Dear chester. You are my hero you Inspire me . You have become apart of my life and everyday dream of you . I miss your smile i miss your Laugh. Your my Guardian angel that keeps me safe you have lots of lp family love and miss you chester. I missing u deeply love u chester.


I asked, "How do I tell you?"
And you echoed back to me.
I realized then that you already knew; and that though there was a divide between us, what you taught me, what you made me feel, the presence that you were, that voice will be with me forever.
I need only choose to hear it.
Thank you.

‘Let this be enough to reach the truth that lies…’


Dear Chester—You had a big heart. Probably the most gifted person I know. I listen to your wonderful voice and miss your smile and laughter. You have done many cover songs. My favorite 2 are Rolling In The Deep and My December Your Voice lives on in my house and at work. Forever In my heart. Thank You for sharing the life you had here with Linkin Park.


Youre exactly right and i right now just i feel like crying. But we all have to stay strong and remember to always do what we do best support.


Are you new @lpforever7 cause this my first time seeing you soilder so welcome to the family


What do you say about someone like him. I wish I could’ve met him and went to an LP concert. I can’t possibly say any more than I love you Chester.

Weep not for roads untraveled
Weep not for sights unseen
May your love never end
And if you need a friend
There’s a seat here alongside me


Chester you are an amazing man that gave us your sweet voice your wonderful smile you did so much for people . Your love of all your family and linkin park and your fan’s it the greatest thing ever. I love you and missing u so much. You are and wonderful Angele that is there for everyone .


You guys, write so well! I crying now, I miss chester so much, and I love your words


Chester, it’s been 6 months. There are times it’s still hard to believe. We’re trying to stay strong but, the pain is still there. You had such an contagious smile and will always be missed. Love you Chester


Chester you are a legend that will live on for millions of years to come and you will never be forgotten even with you gone your spirit is still with us and guiding us. You were just so generous and so kind and you helped millions of people and I thank you for that I love :heart:️ you Chester.


Chester . My love for you was alway there. I know that it been a month’s since u have been gone . I cry ever day missing u deeply and i know you are in heaven smile down on us. U stll mean so much to me. There nothing I won’t do to keep your memory alive. . Chester you are loved and cared for.


When he screams I Do in this song, it just hits me right in the heart. #MakeChesterProud #WellIDo


Yes i have been in lpu 15 14 12 etc but recently I joined 17.


Dear Chester. I won’t say I miss you. Because you’re still here with us, watching us from your music heaven. If I go to the internet, there are tons of videos and pictures of you giving your energy to us, sharing your heart with us, giving us your warm smile and singing those words that mean so much.

You helped me and many other people survive and heal by opening your heart and sharing your love to the world. Your music and lyrics has always been a therapy for me. I am thankful that I could see you in Prague at least once and live through it all. Even if you’ve been so far away from me, I was able to receive and embrace all that energy, rage and love of which you had tons to give.

I won’t say I miss your smile, your voice, your energy, your love. It’s here and always will be. You left here so much and I’ll always be grateful to you for everything. I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are.


Well welcome soilder


Chester, you are missed every single day by all of us. Not a day goes by where we don’t think about or miss you. But at the same time, its like you are still here. As @mishelka3 said, you left here so much for all of us to enjoy and remember you by. I would just like to say thank you for all that you did for everyone. You helped so many people with your incredible talent and kindness towards everyone. You were an amazing person with a lot of love that you always showed to everybody. And in return we all love you just as much as you have loved us.