Wrong Button Text on Hybrid Theory EP Giveaway Screen


On http://lpunderground.com/contests/3863, the submit button text reads “RSVP for your Meet And Greet”. That should probably say something more generic, such as “Enter This Contest” or else people might think there’s a M&G included with the CD!


I do not understand much English but in a moment I thought that said M & G but I thought for a second and I realized it was not so


its kind of logical that it’s not for a meet and greet, it would be weird.


Glad it wasn’t just me!


They probably just put on the wrong button code :wink:
Yes, usually it is ‘‘Enter this contest’’…but well, yes a mistake but on the final, won’t change anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Even I saw the same RSVP button but still clicked it to enter the contest [biggrin]


Correct me if I’m wrong :3 the point of “RSVP for your Meet And Greet” on the contest page is if you join LPU12 now until Dec 1, not only you enter this month giveaway but also you have a chance to win a guaranteed meet & greet. Details HERE

Just with one click you will get two chances to win :3